All these SnackFever Boxes, Now What...?

All these SnackFever Boxes, Now What...?

With all these delicious Korean snacks coming to our doors straight from Seoul, we often forget about what they’re packaged in. The SnackFever fam works hard to create unique boxes that not only hold snacks and merch, but also look amazing! Because we order so many boxes, they can pile up quickly, but luckily, we have some very creative fans who know some environmentally-friendly ways to repurpose them.

Our boxes, which come in different sizes, can be considered the perfect organizer for almost any material. All you have to do is cut off the top flap, place it wherever you want with whatever you want inside of it, and you’ve now created a holder for anything from cleaning supplies to cute stationery!

A lot of our followers have small furry friends that seem to love our boxes, too! By simply putting your pet’s favorite blanket or toy in the box and cutting off the lid, you now have a cozy bed for your pet. The only downside to this one is that some pets may want the box before you finish all your snacks.

For those with more than one box beginning to pile up, here are some solutions:

Stack up the boxes to  create a simple desk-side stand that can hold your items on top as well as inside.

If you have enough boxes, you may even be able to create your own furniture from them! Stack them in the form of stools, tables, or even chairs. If stacked strategically, you can make yourself a throne and become SnackFever royalty!

Sometimes, going a simple route is easier. These boxes can be used as building blocks, literally, to create a tower. Fun for all ages, our boxes of different sizes and colors can be used to unlock creativity in our followers!

There are many ways you can re-decorate these boxes, such as painting them or covering them in stickers, but to each their own. We know our fans are creative and could find multiple uses for our boxes, what are some of yours?

Tag us in posts where you reuse our boxes and show us just how creative you can get!

Which examples are your favorite?

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