AB6IX is "Blind for Love" in their Highly-Anticipated '6IXENSE' Comeback

AB6IX is

Rookie group AB6IX has kept their fan base on edge since they first debuted in May 2019 with their EP B: Complete. As one of the most anticipated groups to debut this summer, it’s no wonder why their comeback was long-awaited!

AB6IX hinted at their album 6IXENSE back in mid-September, only three months after making their debut. Though there was already much to prepare for, it didn’t stop the group from collaborating with American singer and rapper Lizzo on her track “Truth Hurts” to give fans an unexpected crossover no one knew they needed. The bouncy beat with lyrics that will surely bring your mood up differs from their somewhat more serious title track “Blind for Love” on the group’s first album.

The captivating “Blind for Love” brings beautiful vocals from the start⁠—you won’t be able to listen to it just once. The instrumental matches perfectly to each members’ unique style. If Daehwi and Woong’s soothing vocals weren’t enough to keep us around, the deep voice of Youngmin rapping has us wrapped around their finger. A light and happy techno beat sways us away with Donghyun’s vocals, making a darker shift as it welcomes Woojin’s rap. 

If you’ve never been blinded by love, AB6IX tells you exactly what it feels like through their lyrics, making one wonder what has the members so enticed:

These feelings I’ve never felt before
Captivate me and pull me to you
I’m a child who’s grown blind with love

With the impressive tune comes a music video that’s on another level. The members, dressed in all black or white, wear outfits that complement the setting around them. Whether it’s a wide room with white draping sheets, a geometric background that looks like a game of black and gold Tetris, or a red room with water that splashes every time a member makes a move; the scenes in the video make sure to stand out without drowning AB6IX’s powerful dancing.

Combining the song, video, and choreography, “Blind for Love” tells us what love feels like without the hurt at the end. Let us know how AB6IX blinds you with love in the comments below!

Cover Image: AB6IX (Brand New Music)
Written by Briseida Rivera

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