A Triple-Course Korean-Style Meal

A Triple-Course Korean-Style Meal

No matter how experienced with Korean cuisine you may be, there’s something for everyone to try! Here's a three-course meal with some of the best, classic Korean dishes out there so that whether you’ve already been there or have yet to experience the delectable foods this country has to offer, you can get a full taste of Korea.

Appetizer: Kimchi

Kimchi is usually a side dish, and something traditional that completes every Korean meal. It is not too heavy, and can be prepared with a variety of different fermented vegetable options—most famously cabbage. Topped off with the classic Korean spice, gochujang, along with other seasonings such as ginger and garlic, it makes for a great starter.

Main: Bibimbap

A mixture of flavours comes together to effectively create a delicious rice bowl. Bibimbap comes served with multiple vegetables all beautifully arranged on top of rice, looking too good to eat! Just mix it all together for an explosion of different flavours and textures. From visuals to taste, this dish will leave you satisfied.

Dessert: Hotteok

A sweet, filled pancake that actually a Korean street food, but who’s to say you can’t try this as part of a meal? The fillings can include brown sugar, cinnamon and peanuts, making for a perfect sugary finish!

Drink: Tea

Korea has such a large variety of tea, putting just one in here would be too limiting, so have whichever kind of Korean tea you desire, I’ll let you decide!

After trying these, go explore even further the delicious foods that Korea has to offer!

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