A Peaceful Getaway to Buam-Dong

A Peaceful Getaway to Buam-Dong

The busy life we lead demands us to “work work work” all the time, which is why although the hustle and bustle of city life gets us motivated throughout the day, a peaceful and quiet getaway free from hurry can calm our spirits and mind. If you are looking for some "me time," you’ve come to the right place! Buam-Dong is a small town located right in the middle of Seoul, and is perfect for your explorations. Not only does it come with a serene environment but also has several sightseeing locations for the travel bug in you! 

If you haven't packed your bags yet, get going because this might as well teleport you to your dream world! 

Getting to Buam-Dong should be relatively easier as it is very accessible by the excellent public transportation Korea has to offer. From mountains to art galleries, Buam-Dong has it all. Adorned by an array of cute shops of all kinds, it can be confusing for one to decide where to go. However, we're here to help you with just that. Let's start exploring! 


If you happen to take the early bus to Buam-Dong, chances are you are craving some good old coffee to wake your self up. Buam-Dong has tons and tons of cozy little cafes that will make you feel at home right away! 

  • Scoff Bakehouse 

As you make your way into the streets of Buam-Dong, you are bound to stumble upon this British bakery. Scoff is known for its delicious baked goods that come with the perfect selection of drinks. The history of this cafe is shown in the way the cafe functions today. James Townsend, a British expat, opened this place in an attempt to get a quick respite from the hectic city life. So, if you are looking for a quick break from all your responsibilities, Scoff is there for you! 

  • Lumberjack Cafe| ‎럼버잭‬ 

Seoul has endless cafes that come with an aesthetic setting we all enjoy but Cafe Lumberjack, here, takes that to a whole new level. Wooden furniture, breathtaking view, old books and the smell of coffee is going to warp you into a whole new world. The interiors only scratch the surface of what Lumberjack has to offer. Reasonably priced drinks are not only delicious but huge in quantity! 

  • Sanmotoonge Cafe | 산모퉁이 카페

K-dramas don’t just come with heartfelt stories of romance but also have breathtaking settings. Coffee Prince, a popular K-drama, revolutionized storytelling in a way that opened up a fresh perspective on traditional love stories. What more, it also gave us a new favorite cafe! Sanmotoonge Cafe comes with a view of the mountains that you surely wouldn’t want to miss!


  • Chopsticks Gallery | 저집

Be ready to be in awe of this particular gallery. Chopsticks museum comes with intricate architecture that resembles a folded paper and is filled with several dozen chopsticks. The layout of the place is very well thought out, giving a meaningful touch to the whole place. You can also get yourself your very own chopsticks to go! 

  • Alice’s Teapot | 앨리스의 티팟

This cafe cum gallery is adorned with wide varieties of teacups. The designs of the cups are quaint and beautiful so get ready to take your wallet out! If you are looking to only explore, fret not because you can also get yourself a warm cup of tea whilst you look around all that the store has to offer. 

  • Seoul Museum 

This museum is hands down one of the best museums in Seoul. Three floors of various artworks by Korean and foreign artists are showcased under different themes. They change up the themes frequently so be sure to be up for a new adventure every time you visit this museum! 

  • Seokpajeong | 석파정

Ready to go back a thousand years? Hold tight because Seokpajeong is going to take you in on an interesting adventure. If you visit the Seoul Museum, stop by this magical place. Originally a royal villa, Seokpajeong has been slightly renovated as a sightseeing location. Find yourself amidst hundred-year-old pine trees and hanok buildings! 


Although Buam-Dong is a tiny little neighborhood, nestled between the hectic city life, it has several places that are worth exploring. Which is why one is bound to get hungry post hours of exploring. So if you are looking for places to calm your grumpy stomach, look no further because here are a few eateries that will do more than just fill your stomach!

  • Gyeyeolsa Chicken | 계열사 치킨

Fried chicken never goes out of style and this famous eatery is an example of just that! Gyeyeolsa Chicken is almost always packed with customers, thanks to their delicious recipes. You may have to wait a little before you get to bite into the crunchy goodness but it’ll definitely be worth the wait!

  • Jaha Son Mandoo | 자하손만두

A warm bowl of mandu (Korean dumplings) can never go wrong! Jaha Son Mandoo offers affordable yet filling dishes that are bound to fill you right up. As you enjoy your meal, take in the fresh air and hilly atmosphere! 

  • Boobing Bingsu Jib 

End your meal with good old Korean shaved ice, otherwise called bingsu. This little cafe preserves the classic bingsu recipe while presenting it in the cutest way possible! These come with various colors from lime green to an eye-popping blue. Let the child in you out and enjoy your dessert!

Finishing this trip on a happy note, are you ready to start exploring? We sure are! 

Where would you go first? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Sayantani Banerjee 

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