8 CLC Songs You Should Know!

8 CLC Songs You Should Know!

Every musical artist has songs that become really popular, standing out over the rest of their discography. These are the songs that their fans and even casual listeners know and love. For the group CLC, their latest title tracks have been receiving lots of love from the public, including their most recent single, “Devil.” It’s a very well-deserved wave of popularity for these seven girls who’ve been killing the game since 2015, attracting attention from all kinds of listeners for their changing concepts, especially during the “Girl Crush” era. While their newer title tracks have brought in plenty of new fans (also known as Cheshire), we don’t want to forget the songs that might not be getting as much love as the others. Here are 8 essential tracks to help you get a feel for the roots of this super talented group!

  • Where Are You? (어디야?)

Even as the main title track from their sixth mini album Free’SM, “Where Are You” did not get attention from the start. It was a dramatic change from their previous lead single, “Hobgoblin;” taking inspiration from Japanese city-pop, which gave it a retro sound while still being a soft ballad. Most K-pop fans were not familiar with the genre and didn’t care for the slow song, but with a unique sound not heard in K-pop, it definitely deserves a listen. The lyrics are about a struggling relationship, where the singer notices their partner growing distant and falling out of love.

  • No Oh Oh (아니야)

A funky pop song with cute choreography and strong lyrics make up “No Oh Oh,” the title track from Nu.Clear and their first comeback as a seven-member group with the addition of members Elkie and Eunbin. The lyrics are about a shy girl, who’s not ready to move fast, telling her partner that she wants to go at her pace and slow down. She’s young and innocent, unlike her partner. “No Oh Oh” is a perfect song when you want to feel powerful or just want to jam.

  • Bae

An R&B song co-written by CLC member Yeeun, “Bae” is the second track from Free’SM. The lyrics talk about trying to figure out a boy and what kind of girl he likes since she doesn’t understand him. She just wants them to be each other’s “bae” and finally be together. Nice and calm while still being upbeat, it’s a good song when you want to chill or hang out, and the repetitive words in the chorus will get stuck in your head.

  • I Need U

Also co-written by CLC’s Yeeun, “I Need U” is a special song because it’s their first one fully in English, but very few international K-pop fans talk about it. It’s the fifth track on their No. 1 mini album with sweet lyrics about love and the feelings for a partner. “I Need U” is a good song for the times you’re happy and want to jump around or when you’re feeling in love.

  • Liar

Upon the release of CLC’s fifth mini album, Crystyle, “Liar” was quite loved by their fans, even more so than “Hobgoblin.” It’s an upbeat, sassy tune that helped the group in maturing their sound; however, over time, it got buried under their other songs. The lyrics talk about realizing the toxicity in a relationship with a partner who’s a liar and still wanting them to stay. With a very catchy chorus that includes “깜빡 깜빡 쯔쯔쯔르즈쯔” in the first line, it will stick to your brain quickly!

  • Seventh (일곱 번째)

As the last track on their seventh mini album, Black Dress, “Seventh” is a song perfect for chilling and swaying. The lyrics are about the sweetness and happy feelings of having a crush while wondering how the other person feels. With a calm instrumental and light vocals, it features a rap that also fits the flow of the song well.

  • Open The Window (창문을 열고)

This severely underrated track with the perfect mix of rap and vocals comes from their first mini album, First Love, and was co-written by BTOB’s Ilhoon. “Open The Window” is a slower acoustic song about having to let go of someone you love, and a definite throwback in CLC’s discography. Though it’s from before Elkie and Eunbin joined the group, the song manages to show the talent the members had early on in their careers.

  • Hide & Seek (숨바꼭질)

Another song written by Ilhoon, “Hide & Seek” is pop perfection from their second mini album, Question, that’s fun to jam to and feel powerful. The lyrics start out strong and happy, knowing they’re going to break free from this person. As the song goes on, it grows more hesitant and nostalgic, but they still end up letting go.

Everyone has roots and different musical tastes, and it’s good to remember the older songs to appreciate a performer’s journey through their career. Even one album can have different sounds! So, when you start to become a fan of a musical artist, it’s always a great idea to search around and listen to the songs not talked about as much and explore what they have to offer. You never know, you might find some hidden gems!

Cover Image: CLC (Cube Entertainment)
Written by Chey Olexa

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