8 ASTRO Songs You Should Know

8 ASTRO Songs You Should Know

ASTRO is a six-member group well known for their fun personalities and actor appearances. Behind their TV presence, you’ll find talent and diverse discography. Debuting with a soft and cute concept in 2016, these guys have grown up in age and musical maturity with their latest mini album Blue Flame. Along the way, they have released many songs that showcase everything from their strong vocals to their love for their fans (AROHA). After getting their first win in January 2019 with “All Night,” ASTRO is growing in popularity. 

Most fans know their title tracks like “Crazy Sexy Cool” and “Hide and Seek,” but for those just coming in, their B-sides deserve just as much love. We want to showcase the different sides of this group and help all their newer fans get a feel for what ASTRO has to offer. Here are 8 songs that you might not know, but definitely should!

  • You & Me (Thanks AROHA)

Coming from ASTRO’s first special album Winter Dream, “You & Me” is a fun tune with a deeper meaning. This song was written by all of the members and dedicated to their fans. The lyrics talk about how happy their fans make them and how they remember the good moments. In times of struggle and looking into the future, we’re all in this together.  This track closed out their seasonal album project with warm vibes.

  • Because It’s You (너라서)

From their fourth mini-album Dream Part.01, “Because It’s You” is a happy ballad. Wrapped in the package of powerful vocals and a slower instrumental, the lyrics tell a different story. This relationship has been beneficial for one of the partners in the way that they are finally experiencing happiness and comfort. They are finally seeing in color and can appreciate all the precious memories being created together.

  • Fireworks (불꽃놀이)

“Fireworks” is the opening track on their second mini-album Summer Vibes and it kicks it open with a bang. The overall feel of the song is youthful and optimistic. This person has been holding in their feelings for their crush and wants to confess in a big way. They are like a firework; they feel like they’re flying with the stars and they want to make their crush happy. When talking about a summer night memory, this song makes you feel warm and might just inspire you to make a big gesture.

  • Innocent Love (풋사랑)

Their first ballad showcased their vocal abilities early in their career with “Innocent Love” coming from their first mini-album Spring Up. From high notes to perfectly fitting raps, “Innocent Love” will leave a lasting impression. The lyrics talk about someone breaking up with their first love. They acknowledge that it was young, puppy love but they’re still grateful for the relationship and wish for the best for their missing partner.

  • All About You (다야)

With a fun instrumental and honey vocals, this track from their latest mini-album Blue Flame is a great jam. The lyrics talk about a person who has fallen for someone. They have their heart, but they are unsure if their feelings are reciprocated. They want certainty and effort from the other person. With lines throughout the song like “다야야야 다야야야” and “Could you be my boo,” it will quickly stick in your head!

  • Role Play

Coming from ASTRO’s first full-length album, All Light is a mature track with Latin-inspired instrumentals. Rappers Rocky and JinJin are not featured in this song but that doesn’t stop it from being a great tune. The lyrics give off a sexier message than their previous albums, telling their lover to role play with them as if their relationship is still strong but also knowing it’s not real.

  • Star (별)

“Star” is a track from their third mini-album Autumn Story. This ballad has a softer instrumental than “Because It’s You,” but has a similar message lyrically. This person can’t think and they’re hurting, but this star of a person has come into their life and they’re trying to live in the moment rather than for the future. They’re thankful for this bright person. The overall sound of this song fits their autumn vibe for this album.

  • By Your Side (너의 뒤에서)

ASTRO’s special mini-album Rise Up was released during a time of uncertainty and confusion for the group, the fans, and the company. The lyrics in all of the tracks on the album were dedicated to the fans as a way to assure that they are all still a family and in hopes that things would take a turn for the better. “By Your Side” was co-written by all of the members and it talks about how they’re sorry for not being there, how they still want to continue and hold on to each other. It is a thank you to their fans for supporting them through thick and thin. They missed them and are asking them to stay by their side. Now, the group and the company are in a better state.

ASTRO is a group with strong vocals, dances, and personalities. It’s always worth checking out B-sides to a group, even if you’re not a fan of their title tracks. Each artist has a diverse discography behind them. When it comes to older groups, that becomes even more true. With ASTRO, their music grew up with them and while their concepts changed, they’re still just as passionate and talented. 

Are you an AROHA? What song of theirs would you spotlight?

Cover Image: ASTRO (Fantagio)
Written by Chey Olexa

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