7 Facts About Korean Food Delivery Service That Make It The Best Thing Ever!

7 Facts About Korean Food Delivery Service That Make It The Best Thing Ever!

In Korea, food delivery is quite popular, probably because of its simple process and well-organized methods. So, you’re probably thinking ‘What on Earth could be so interesting about food delivery that this person felt the need to write about it?’. Well, here are 7 facts about the Korean food delivery service that makes it something you will absolutely want to try!

1. Easy Clean-up!

Yes, one of the many great things about Korea’s food delivery service is that the clean-up process is very easy and simple! While in other countries, food is delivered in plastic, cardboard, or styrofoam plates that are sometimes very flimsy and unstable, which causes the food to sometimes be spilled or look messy even before being delivered.  However, food in Korea is delivered in nicely, tightly sealed plates and dishes. Not only that, but with every delivery, there is an abundant supply of utensils provided, relieving customers from using their own utensils.

But wait! It doesn’t stop there!

After the food is finished, the clean up process is also very easy.  All one has to do is pack up the dishes and plates and leave them outside the door. That’s right! In Korea, a delivery man will come later for the plates and containers so that their customers don’t have to clean them up, as if the cleanup is done for them!

2. Easy-Peasy Lemon-Squeezy

Not only is there no hassle with cleaning up the delivered food, but there’s also no errors or complications while ordering it either! Ordering your food in Korea is as easy as 1-2-3. No matter where the customer is, all they have to do is call the restaurant, order their food, provide an address, and the delivery man delivers!

Often, many places log or save a customer’s address when they order frequently so that the customer doesn’t have to go through the trouble of placing an address every single time. Very handy, right?

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Language barriers are not an issue when ordering delivered food either. There are multiple apps that one can install, such as YOGIYO, to order food in the language they speak. How convenient!

3. Food Is Delivered… ANYWHERE!

When I say anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE. If someone is in the middle of a local park the delivery worker will call upon arrival and literally deliver the food to your very location. It’s one of the greatest things about the Korean food delivery service - allowing their customers to enjoy a delicious takeaway meal, while relaxing in the beautiful scenery of somewhere such as Hangang Park. No matter where one may be, these guys have got people covered.

Maybe one has gone to see the Seoul International Fireworks Festival by Han River and found the perfect spot and their stomach's shouting at them to eat, but they’re too cautious to go and get themselves something for the fear of losing their space. They have no need to worry because no matter where they are or what they’re doing, the food is delivered right at their feet!

4. Menus Everywhere!

If someone is in Korea for the first time and they want to order a takeout but don’t know any popular restaurants or spots to order from, they have no reason to fear! There are literally menus everywhere! I mean, EVERYWHERE. If a customer somehow can’t find the many menus posted everywhere, all they have to do is ask a cashier and will immediately be provided with one. Some restaurants will already have some placed neatly on the reception counter. Eventually, one may just end up with a large collection of takeout menus! Think of all the choices!

Source: http://koreabridge.net/post/korean-food-delivery-korea-90daykorean

Once taking a menu is successful, the next question is, what food is there to order?

5. Literally Everything!

From traditional Korean to Japanese to Chinese to Western, there is a huge variety of cuisine options to choose from! Despite making foreign food orders, customers can still order all of their favourite side dishes to go with it. Although foreign foods might be slightly pricier than traditional Korean food, they are all delicious!

6. Speedy Delivery!

After customers have chosen what to eat, placed their order and address, they always wonder how long the actual preparation and delivery takes. In many cases, food delivery always take longer than expected or doesn’t come within the expected delivery time. However, in Korea, this is not at all an issue! Restaurants in Korea are located quite close together and almost everywhere so that delivery is quick and efficient. The tiring and agonising feeling of waiting that people would usually have to endure does not happen for those in Korea! In fact, it is quite common for food to be delivered within just 10 minutes of ordering it. That’s right! The term “Takeout Tuesday” just became a whole lot more appealing!

7. Cash or Card?

Lastly, paying for a delivered meal is super easy! While ordering, people will be asked whether they would prefer to pay with cash or card. This is so the driver knows whether to bring along a card reader or extra cash.

Bonus - No tip! That’s correct! In Korea there is no need for people to tip for the service they have received, as it’s just not something that’s commonly done. So instead customers can spend more money on their food! Isn’t that lovely?

Well, I hope this article was able to show you how truly awesome Korean Food Delivery is, and I hope it will help you on your journey to discovering Korea’s food and it’s wondrous ways! Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you’re favourite thing about Korean Food Delivery is!

And now, there’s only one question left to ask… Who’s ready for a takeout?

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