6 Weird But Delicious Korean Foods You Should Try Before You Die

6 Weird But Delicious Korean Foods You Should Try Before You Die

You should add these dishes to your bucket list, because you may need an actual bucket.

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In recent years, Korean cuisine has exploded with popularity worldwide! Korean cuisine holds some of the most delicious and healthy dishes that the world has seen to date. Many know of the mouth-watering infinity of all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ and the spicy heaven that is tteokboki, but very few know of the unusual hidden gems in Korea’s vast menu. Take a look at the weird but delicious Korean foods: Gopchang & Daechang: Barbecued Small & Large Intestines weird korean foods gopchang

Mmm barbecued... Wait what? We're eating intestine?! Believe it or not, this is a quite common dish in Korea. It’s not for everyone, but when grilled to mouthwatering, crispy perfection, how could you not try? weird korean foods daechang

Budae Jjigae: Army Base Stew budae-jjigae-army-stew

A result of a combination of army surplus ingredients, this hearty stew was created by Koreans seeking to feed their families after the Korean War. Comprised of spam, sausages, ramen noodles, and other suitable ingredients all combined into a hearty kimchi stew, this meal not only saved lives but endured as a popular Korean comfort food. Dig in, soldier!

Sannakji: Live Octopus sannakji-live-octopus

That’s right. It’s alive, and it will slither up your throat if you don’t chew it right. (Just kidding...maybe. ?) Sannakji is live octopus cut into small pieces. Apologies if this grosses you out - it is best eaten while it’s still squirming! Since the octopus is cut, it can’t really slither up your esophagus, but because the tentacles’ suction cups are still active, they can stick to your mouth or throat if not chewed properly. Have fun with this one!

Gaejang: Raw Crab

🦀 우리 사귀자 ❤️

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Ever saw a crab scuttling on the beach and had a strong urge to eat it on the spot? Well, it wouldn’t taste very good… unless you added special Korean seasoning to it! A delicacy in Korea, raw crab is eaten with a variety of sauces (including spicy), and some people even choose to eat the shells! *CRUNCH*

Sundae: Boiled Intestine Sausage

No, this isn’t an ice cream sundae. It’s a cow-or-pig-intestine-filled-sausage stuffed with ingredients ranging from glass noodles, pork blood, scallions, and more. Most Koreans love this dish and will feast on it if given the chance. It’s usually eaten with tteokboki sauce or in a hot sundae stew, but don’t let that stop you from slathering it in chocolate syrup. 

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