5 Things To Do In Korea On A Budget

5 Things To Do In Korea On A Budget

Everyone likes to go on vacation but-- like everyone else-- most also prefer to save money while having tremendous amounts of fun. In Korea, you’ll find plenty of things for you to do on a budget, while still being able to experience all the spectacular sites and entertainment that this beautiful country has to offer. From walking through some Korean history to simply admiring the beauty of the country’s modern world, there are so many things to keep you busy without burning a hole in your pocket! With that in mind, this article is here to help you start planning your next trip to Korea. Let’s start!

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Taking a trip the this location is a brilliant way to learn about the history of the country. Gyeongbokgung, built back in the Joseon Dynasty in the year 1395, is located in Seoul, and is one of the many different royal monuments that lie within Korea. While there, not only will you be taken back in time, but also become entranced with the beautiful gardens within. A great thing about this place is the budget friendly admission fees! For one adult, the cost is only 3,000 won (around 3 USD) and for a child it’s only half the price at 1,500 won (about 1.50 USD)! In addition to this, if you wear Hanbok, you get in for free! There are many shops nearby where you can rent a hanbo, though this may be a bit more costly compared to admission fees, with prices ranging from 10,000 won (10 USD) for 1.5 hours to nearly 30 USD for a whole day. Despite this, many people still wear the gorgeous gowns and take many photos among the beautiful scenery.

Seoraksan National Park

If you want to go somewhere outside of the bustling streets of the urban environments in cities like Seoul, take some time to bask in the relaxing scenery of one of Korea’s most beautiful National Parks. This park offers a variety of different colours for each season, from bright pinks and yellows in the Spring and Summer, to burnt orange and light browns in Autumn, and a gentle white that cover the land in Winter. Here, you can hike along the trail of one of the most beautiful mountains within Korea, stroll past some glistening streams and rivers, and even reach the park’s highest peak, Daecheongbong Peak, which is located at 1,708m above ground level.There are also multiple hiking trails that can take from around 1 hour all the way up to 15 hours depending one which you choose to do.

Parking fees range from 2,000 won - almost 2 USD - for a small car, up to 7,500 won - about 7.50 USD - for a larger car.

Fortress Wall of Seoul

This is a long wall that spreads for 18.6km around the city of Seoul and is made from multiple materials such as wood, stone and brick. It was originally built in 1396 to show the boundaries of the city and to keep out any potential invaders. Around 12km of this wall is designated as a historical site and is therefore protected so please be respectful at all times. It makes for another great activity to pass time and to the perfect way to get a quick scout of the city, as you take a long but fun stroll around the edges of Seoul-- and what’s better is that-- the admission is free!

The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain

Also known as the Longest Fountain Bridge, this spectacle is located along the Banpo Bridge in Seoul and has even set a Guinness World Record with 10,000 LED lights all coming together to create a magnificent display of colour! So when night finally falls and you’re wondering what there is left to do, saunter on down to Banpo Bridge and witness the incredible fountain they have on show. Of course, it is free to see this water show so go ahead and have the experience!

Ihwa Mural Village

This beautiful village full of interesting pieces of art came about way back in 2006 when, instead of demolishing the older houses in the area, the community decided to create a project called ‘Ihwa-dong Naksan Project’ that focused on the revitalisation of the area with a wide ensemble of colour and art. This is a great quick way to get a short tour of the art culture in Korea, with multiple artworks spread across the walls in an array of colour and many of the works being interactive, making for the perfect Instagram photos! It’s definitely a place to visit whether you’re on a budget or not! People who visit here are to be reminded that it is still a residential area and to be respectful of the people that may live in the houses.

And so, after reading this article, I hope you can see that, even if you’re on a budget, you still have the opportunity to experience Korea’s beauty and culture while also having a great time! And maybe now your bucket list has gotten that little bit longer...

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