5 Must-Watch Korean YouTubers

5 Must-Watch Korean YouTubers

YouTube has been recognized as a platform that lets creators from anywhere around the world share their content. Recently, Korean YouTubers have been increasing in popularity, making it onto everyone's recommended pages. Whether you're looking for entertainment, tutorials, or maybe even want to learn Korean, these creators are for you. 

1. tweety

Tweety is a lifestyle vlogger with 489,000+ subscribers. Her videos are the classic aesthetic vlogs that have gained a lot of popularity. She films her days at home, her date nights, and almost anything in between. She also gives her viewers insight into the makeup and skincare she likes, and always shows off the outfits she wears. The videos can be five minutes at the shortest to an hour at the longest, so there's something for all audiences. Although all her videos are in Korean, she has English subtitles in all her most recent videos.  

2. Yelo

For all the music lovers out there, Yelo is for you. She is a singer with 393,000+ subscribers. Yelo covers popular songs, such as "bad guy" by Billie Eilish (which is her most viewed cover with 9 million views!) and classic oldies like "Fly Me to the Moon" by Doris Day. And of course, she sings her fair share of K-pop songs as well. Just like Tweety, she has English translations for those who need them. 

3. Jella

Jella is a K-beauty and lifestyle vlogger that has accumulated 784,000+ subscribers. She films the typical makeup tutorial showing how to do various Korean-inspired looks. Along with her makeup videos, she films her daily life and everyone in it, which includes her husband and young daughter. Translations aren't guaranteed, but most of her videos have English subtitles for your convenience. 

4. YoonSun

There' s no easy way to categorize this one: YoonSun's channel serves as his online diary of sorts. With content varying from lifestyle to beauty to daily life, he really does it all. With 82,400+ subscribers, he exudes positive energy and just wants to enjoy life. Just like the other creators, he also includes subtitles for those who need them. 

5. xoxosophia

Just like YoonSun, there's no box to define Sophia's content. She partakes in a fair share of beauty-related content, posting videos of her changing her hair, doing makeup, and showing her skincare routine. In addition to all this, she also does style look books, clothing haul, and cooking videos! Sophia truly caters to every audience so it's no wonder she racked up 87,100+ subscribers in only a year. And again, due to her global audience, she includes subtitles in her videos. 

With all that said, sit back, relax, and enjoy the vlogs, beauty videos and style inspiration straight from Korea!

Have you heard of any of these YouTubers? If so, who's your fave? If not, whose content speaks to you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Tweety (x)
Written by Elodie Hollant

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