5 Korean Movies You Should Watch on Netflix

5 Korean Movies You Should Watch on Netflix

Sometimes you just need those lazy days, where you can sit in bed all day and put on a movie while stuffing your face with snacks. Whether it be heartfelt, thrillers, or coming-of-age, there are a range of Korean movies out there perfect for relaxing! Luckily for you, we have a short list of films on Netflix for anyone who isn’t quite sure what they want to watch yet:

  • Seoul Searching

Perfect for anyone who likes a good coming-of-age story, Seoul Searching presents the story of Korean teenagers looking to find themselves and their roots. All born outside of Korea, these teens meet up for a summer camp that is supposed to help them connect to their heritage and roots. Along the way they find love, friends, and learn things about their culture they find more important than they thought they would.

  • The Tunnel

What would you do if you got trapped in a collapsing tunnel? In The Tunnel, Lee Jung-soo is on his way home for his daughter's birthday when the tunnel he goes through collapses. His car gets buried in the debris and he is left trying to survive with only a birthday cake, a couple bottles of water, and a cellphone. He connects with the rescue team leader and is left trying to survive in the tunnel until he is rescued.

  • Okja

Okja is a good movie for anyone who loves animals. This movie follows the story of a young girl, Mija, who forms a close connection with a breed of a “super-pig.” Soon the government comes to take the beloved pet, but Mija realizes she loves the pet too much to let it just be taken away. She runs away from home and ventures far beyond what she knows to try and save Okja. Make sure to have a box of tissues with you for this one.

  • How to Steal a Dog

Young kids can do a lot of things that may be troublesome for their parents, but at least they have the best intentions, most of the time. How to Steal a Dog is the story about a homeless girl, Ji So, who lives in a van with her mom but wants a home. Wanting to help her mom be able to afford a home, she steals a rich ladies dog in hopes of getting offered a huge cash reward. Going through with this plan ends up being a lot more than originally bargained for, but is worth it in the end.

  • Train to Busan

Widely known and recognized beyond Korean audiences, Train to Busan has become very popular on Netflix. Featuring Gong Yoo, this movie takes zombie stories to a whole new level as we watch a new group of friends form as they are trying to escape their infected town. Through gains and losses, new connections are formed and new experiences are created. Although full of tension, this movie is perfect for the people who enjoy thrillers.

These are just a few and some of the most accessible Korean films for people to watch. Of course there are plenty more to check out but here is a start. With all of them on Netflix, it is the perfect way to start out a relaxing break from life. What Korean movies would you recommend to someone who just wants to spend a day in bed?

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