5 Korean Baby Snacks that Shouldn't Just Be for Babies

5 Korean Baby Snacks that Shouldn't Just Be for Babies

Growing up, I thought that the best part of being a big sister would be taking care of my younger brother. If I’m being honest, I think my favorite part about growing up with a younger sibling was the snacks that my mom would bring with her. I remember eating my brother’s banana flavored rice puffs and wondering why they were advertised as baby snacks when they tasted so good.

If your everyday Korean snack already tastes delicious, imagine what the baby snacks taste like. Here are a few baby snacks that shouldn’t be classified as “just for babies”:

1) RicePapa

Despite the plain appearance, Rice Papa is quite popular. While the chip-shaped snack is soft and more geared towards babies, the long and short puffed snacks are crunchy. Be careful, though. The puffed snacks, especially the short ones, can be rather addicting. Next thing you know, you’ll eat the whole package by yourself.

2) NaeIBeuRo

Among all of the baby snacks that I have seen, I haven’t seen a lot of brands offer snacks coming in as many shapes, colors, and flavors as NaeIBeuRo does. Not only does each type of snack come in different shapes, but you can also choose to have either a fruit or vegetable flavor. I don’t know about you, but out of all the shapes, I think I would choose the rings.

3) Strawberry Grain Friend

The worst part about having strawberries as your favorite fruit is finding strawberry-flavored snacks that don’t taste overly artificial. Living true to its name, this strawberry snack is not overly sweet or artificial tasting. As if this snack was not perfect enough for the strawberry lovers out there, the Strawberry Grain Friend also comes individually wrapped, making it easy to bring it along with you on any occasion.

4) Buckwheat Snack & Potato Sticks

It is difficult to find pictures of these two snacks separately, and there's a reason for that. Despite the dense appearance, the buckwheat snack is light, similar to that of the typical rice puff snack. Neither the buckwheat snack nor the potato stick contains fat or gluten. Both of the slightly sweet snacks are surely tasty enough to satisfy your craving for a crunchy snack without the guilt.

5) Lusol Hot Dog

Who said that baby snacks only had to be rice-based? Many people top off this breaded hot dog with just ketchup, or if they’re feeling really gourmet, roll it in sugar after heating and then adding ketchup as the finishing touch. The best part about this corndog is that it is the perfect size for a small snack!

Out of all these Korean snacks for babies, I don’t think I can choose a favorite one. Looks like I just have to eat them all. Are there any baby snacks that you have tried and fell in love with?

Written by Sarah Wong

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