5 Breathtaking Hiking Spots in Korea

5 Breathtaking Hiking Spots in Korea

We are officially a quarter of the way through with 2019! Is anyone still staying true to their fitness regimen? It’s hard to motivate yourself to get out there and be active when all there is to see is the city life. No matter how beautiful the scenery may be, continually hiking the same trails can become rather boring. Although Korea has modernized much of its landscape, there are still many beautiful sights to see—you just have to know where to look.

Here are 5 places in Korea that will provide you with the right motivation to go out and be active:

1) Inwangsan

Like Bukhansan National Park, Inwangsan is also located in the middle of the city. This hiking spot has to be one of the best places to view the city of Seoul. With a height of 338 meters, Inwangsan is probably one of the easier hiking places since the peak is only about a mile away from the starting point. If you are looking for a place that is a quick hike with a spectacular view, Inwangsan is the best spot for you.

2) Bukhansan National Park

As one of the most popular hiking spots amongst locals, Bukhansan National Park is a place to get away from city life without actually leaving it. This mountain’s growing popularity caused some harm to the environment. In order to help preserve the beauty of the hiking trails that people love so much, they close some trails on rotation. Two of the most popular trails through Bukhansan National park are Baegundae, which peaks at 836.5 meters, and Insubong, which peaks at 810.5 meters.

3) Odaesan National Park

If you are a fan of the popular K-drama, Goblin, you might want to add this one on to you list as Odaesan National Park was one of the filming locations. Not only does Odaesan offer aesthetics for hikers, but it also offers camping grounds and temples. With trails ranging from easy to difficult, Odaesan has something for nearly everyone to enjoy. Many visitors recommend visiting this beautiful sight during autumn because of the many vibrant colors of the changing leaves.

4) Hallyeohaesang National Park

Although many call it the Hallyeonhaesang National Park, it is actually one of Korea’s very first marine parks. Hiking may be one way to get some fresh air, but something about hiking near the sea brings you on a whole other level of relaxation and contentedness. Offering a beach alongside the clear, blue sea, Hallyeonhaesang National Park is certainly a place where you can unwind and let go of all your troubles.

5) Gamaksan

For those who do not have a fear of heights, Gamaksan is best known for its fairly new suspension bridge. With a peak at 675 meters, the hike at Gamaksan is not for the faint-hearted, as many say that the way up is rather steep. In addition to one of Korea’s longest suspension bridges, one can enjoy the views of a temple and a waterfall. Be sure to visit Gamaksan if you’re up for a good challenge.

Fitness does not have to be torture. Sometimes, you just have to have the proper motivation to keep yourself going. South Korea’s hiking trail aesthetics would certainly provide enough motivation to keep pushing myself towards the peak.

How far would you go in order to see some of South Korea’s best sights?

Written by Sarah Wong

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