3 Korean Foods for the Early Morning

3 Korean Foods for the Early Morning

When you think of breakfast what comes to mind? Fluffy pancakes covered in syrup, plátanos fritos, maybe vegemite on toast? Breakfast food is its own type of cuisine in some countries. It’s a time where eggs, pancakes, and cereal are accepted; but after brunch, you don’t usually see them. Though, that isn’t the case in other countries. Time to explore breakfast in Korea!

Usually, food is light in the morning. Breakfast can include bread, rice, soup, vegetables, and most certainly, kimchi. Heavier dishes that consist of meat are eaten later in the day. You can find a variety of banchan that are eaten all day 'round! Here are a few that are easy to make, even if you’re just waking up:

  • Guk (죽) Porridge

Guk (죽) is light and creamy, yet, filling. It’s common to eat during the morning. This dish has many varieties! There’s bean porridge (kongjuk - 콩죽), chicken porridge (dakjuk - 닭죽), and even pine nut porridge (jatjuk - 잣죽)! Dakjuk, made of simply rice and chicken stock, is addicting; and truly, a porridge made of gold.

  • Gyeran-mari (계란말이) – Rolled Up Omelette

If you prefer something more familiar, there’s gyeran-mari (계란말이) usually called the Korean Egg Roll or rolled up omelette! It’s savory and typically contains fillings such as onion, bell peppers, carrots, ham, cheese, scallions, and more! It’s as colorful as it is delicious, and you can add whatever you like!  As long as you can make an omelette, you can make this; though, the technique can be tricky to get. Follow Seonkyoung Longest’s tutorial. She’s makes it all the easier!

  • Kimchi Jeon (김치전) – Kimchi Pancakes 

Got some kimchi lying around? You might need a lot for this specific recipe. Kimchi pancakes, or kimchi jeon (김치전), is the dish for you! All you need is flour and kimchi. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, this dish can pack a punch! It’s savory, salty flavor along with that crispy crunch is satisfying. Almost as satisfying as tearing apart the pancake!

Breakfast isn’t always cereal! What banchan would you want to eat in the morning? Tell us below!

Written by Stephanie Lemus

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