3 Great Winter Korean Movies 🎬🤩

3 Great Winter Korean Movies 🎬🤩

Ah winter, the most comfy time of year. The bitter cold has grasped the outdoors, and we all just want to grab a nice cup of hot chocolate, snuggle up in the warmest blanket we can find, and prepare to binge watch as many Christmas movies as possible! If you’re getting tired of the same old (but classic nonetheless) Christmas movies, then here’s a small list of Korean winter-themed films prepared especially for your convenience:

The Tower

If you're looking for something a bit more fast-paced than the usual Christmas movie, then The Tower is perfect for you! Set on Christmas Eve, a normal holiday party turns into a huge disaster! The further you dive into the plot, the stronger the relationship grows with each of the characters, and you begin to feel like part of the action. You’ll definitely become fully immersed in this intense film that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Snow in Sea Breeze

Slowing down from the fast-paced style, this movie has a storyline that will keep not only your eyes glued to the screen, but your heart, too! Though not based around Christmas, this film still provides you with all of the emotions needed to make it through this holiday season. When just a mere character becomes your friend, you’ll feel every emotion possible within the space of this movie. It's not a thriller, but this movie will have you biting your nails as the characters and overall story develops.

Christmas in August

We’re going “old but gold” now as this older movie makes the list, offering warm emotions for all those who watch it. A man with an illness finds his true love, but the question is, how will it end? Well, you’ll have to watch it to find out. Follow the characters, and experience the emotions with them. Tears may fall, so beware if you are a crier! Either way, this movie is one to watch this winter.

It’s not many, but there are definitely more than enough emotions in each of these films to have you set for a whole year, nevermind this winter! Now, when you’re huddled up in your blanket while the rain or snow is falling outside your window, why not whip out your laptop and settle in to watch these movies. Make sure you have the tissues at the ready!

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