10 Instagram K-Pop Fan Artists You Should Be Following! 🎨

10 Instagram K-Pop Fan Artists You Should Be Following! 🎨

The phenomenon that is the Korean Wave has taken over the Internet, and has had an exceptional influence over many artists. These creators’ imaginations are sparked by the themes shown in the music videos of K-pop groups. On Instagram, there are a seemingly infinite amount of accounts to discover, and within, there exists a place in which artists grow and flourish. A specific niche of artists is thriving in the world of Instagram because of the surge of interest in the ever-flowing Hallyu. This increase in attention has brought these artists to the front to showcase their works to the world. Mnet also takes fan art, and posts it at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs) for the musical groups to see for themselves!

Here are 10 fan artists who have kindly allowed their art to be shared by the Fever Guys Fam!

  • @omurizer

The drawings of Zico and Jooheon are two pieces that really show the experience of @omurizer and their well-crafted technique using a digital platform. Similar to the works of Rembrandt, @omurizer uses dark shadows and strong highlights, while adding in their own twist with strong brush strokes and bright color variation. This makes their work all the more recognizable.

  • @marlowe_art

Looking for an Insta with TWICE the fun? @marlowe_art created the incredible images seen above. Their artwork consists of a gray background, bringing the colorful K-pop artist to the forefront. The bold colors bounce off the dullness of the neutral background. This can be interpreted as the happiness and wonder the idols bring into fan’s lives!

  • @shooky_dough

@shooky_dough has probably the cutest drawings ever! With not only the hair game on point but the facial features, too, she is able to capture the likeness of the K-pop entertainers and transfer that into a tiny caricature-esque portrait. The hair is full of volume and movement, shown by the tiniest stray hairs that all her works contain. To have the ability to work on such a small space with every aspect of the person being drawn, while keeping elements such as dimples or light makeup, is truly impressive.

  • @thundaraa

@thundaraa’s art stands out because of their use of strong highlights around the eyes and incorporation of yellow. As seen in the images above, the use of yellow adds a warm and inviting feeling. They use yellow almost as much as Van Gogh! Enjoy the stylized art of the many members of EXO in beautiful color.

  • @meiilloe

@meiilloe use of simple colors but the intricate style makes this artist’s style all their own. They have an apparent love for J-Hope, but that does not deter them from drawing anything else BTS-related. The minimalist drawings make the art more interesting. Sometimes the simplest drawings are harder to create. The color combos also create vintage-like vibes, from brilliant pinks to olive greens.

  • @kiminie71

@kiminie71 draws in their amazing anime style. Their art looks like it could have their own show. They work in both pencil and digital media. Certain works look fantastical and others so cute! To be honest, their art should be used in anime shows. If you’re looking for some anime K-pop idols, this is the Insta to check out!

  • @jeonjeonggay

@jeonjeonggay’s art can range from just a sketch to chibi BTS, or even a more surreal take on the human form. His works may push the limit at times, but it still reels you in for more. Using a diverse range of multimedia, just shows how skilled is! He is not afraid to take risks when the inspiration for a work of art is there.

  • @bk_a_eggs

@bk_a_eggs catches your attention with the use of strong astral additives. The use of bright white moon and stars against the dark background gives off an other-worldly aesthetic. Is it really an @bk_a_eggs without the planet? Probably not. If you are looking for a fan art account that does it all when it comes to drawing idols, here it is! There are two great series, one for SHINee called The Story of Light and the second is for NCT’s Boss.

  • @aniyoongi

@aniyoongi’s art focuses on the melancholic visuals created with pencil and watercolor. The faces of famous K-pop artists such as BLACKPINK and BTS fill the Instagram account. It is easy to notice @aniyoongi’s art anywhere because of the large, sad eyes and addition of bandages across the face or glitter.

  • @sumbrita

When it comes to following accounts on Instagram, it’s always good to support those just starting out. @sumbrita may not have many posts at the moment, but they are continuously working on improving their skills and experimenting with new mediums. They have a unique style of focusing primarily on the eyes, making them mostly realistic, while the rest is line art in pen.

Words can not do justice for the beautiful works of these artists. Art is meant to be shared and appreciated by everyone as artists draw what inspires them to take their own creative spin on images. As can be seen in their Instagram pages, many artists are well-known within their respective fandoms, but each draws their own style and has an abundance to offer. Please show these artists some love and support them!

While this may be a list of only a few artists, there are still many more to discover and follow! If there are fan artists that you want to shine a spotlight on for others to notice, please share.

All artists have given consent to have their art posted.

Written by Avery Souders

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