Webtoons for Any Mood! 😍

Webtoons for Any Mood! 😍

Stories can take you to another world. You can experience young love, a horror beyond your wildest dreams, or experience heartbreak that isn’t even your own. With summer approaching, you might find yourself with some free time. If you find yourself bored in this world, travel to another with the help of LINE WEBTOON. It is part of the LINE Corporation, and specializes in the online publication of cartoons. There, you can find a variety of cartoons that range from slice of life to science fiction. Whether you want angst, adventure, or cute relatable shorts; there’s something for everyone!

This webtoon is short and sweet with only twenty-eight episodes in the series. The Girl From Class is about unrequited love. Follow the protagonist in his struggle to confess to the girl he likes, and blinded by this infatuation, he ignores someone who was in front of him the whole time. It isn’t always heart-wrenching. There are some cheeky friends, humor, and love. Along with its simplistic black and white imagery, this story will strike a core in your heart.

Gory, grimy, and dark. This comic isn’t for the faint of heart. No more home sweet home, prepare yourself for a house of horror. Hyun Cha, a social outcast, just lost his family and now he might lose his life. A virus has mutated humans into monsters with bloodlust. Along with other survivors, they must fight for their lives.

Usually, slice-of-life comics are about young people trying to find their way in the world. Yumi’s Cells deviates from the formula by having a thirty-two-year-old instead. Follow Yumi and her brain cells as she struggles with being lovesick, ageing, and just living. The art style is very old school, giving it a nostalgic yet fresh look. This comic is also very long with 366 episodes, but with it’s fast-paced. Soon, you’ll be at the end and wishing for more!

They say true beauty comes from within, right? Well, not for the main character of this story. Follow Jugyeong Lim as she struggles her identity as a nerd by night and as the school’s beauty by day. While this comic is comedic at times, it is a drama. Twist and turns, love triangles, and backstories yet to be uncovered. This melodrama will leave you at the edge of your seat!

Aru Kim, 19, never been in love, and now dead?! Don’t worry, this isn’t as morbid as it sounds. Aru finds herself going to a school in order to reach enlightenment so she can reincarnate. She makes good friends, struggles with her studies, and gets mixed up in trouble from time to time. Though, nothing is as it seems in this school. It’s a slice of life, maybe more a slice of death, and it might make your heart clench. Be careful.

These are only some of the few webtoons out of thousands. Fellow readers would know, there are many more iconic ones out there. What’s your favorite from the list above? And if you’ve already delved into the LINE WEBTOON world, what’s your favorite? Tell us below!

Cover Image: Yumi's Cells by Donggeon Lee
Written by Stephanie Lemus

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