Visit the 'King of Monsters' at Cafe Ookii

Visit the 'King of Monsters' at Cafe Ookii

Godzilla first appeared in the Japanese film bearing the same name in 1954, and is some sort of prehistoric sea monster awoken to cause havoc. Since 1954, there have been thirty-two Godzilla movies made, with the newest one being released May 2019. This franchise is loved by many and has turned some fans into collectors of its memorabilia, which sparked the idea of Cafe Ookii.

Cafe Ookii first opened on May 19, 2019 in Mapo-gu, Sinchon-ro, Seoul, South Korea and is located near Hongik University Gyeongui Line and the Kim Dae Jung Library. The owner of this cafe started his Godzilla collection five years ago and decided to share it with others who share the same love for the franchise as he does.

There a few rules the owner has set for his cafe: No kids, no parking, and Wednesdays? They’re closed. Since his collection is used to decorate his cafe and is not in glass cases, he does not want to risk anything being broken, therefore, no kids. As well, anyone who wishes to take a closer look at anything must ask beforehand. Though he’s chosen to have Wednesdays off now, it may change and he advises visitors to always check if they’re open before coming.

Their hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and the last call is at 10:30 p.m. While hanging out in this monster-themed cafe, you can enjoy Godzilla decorated cookies alongside something sweet to wash it down!

You can enjoy your drink and a slice of pecan pie outside on beautiful days, you just can’t enjoy the company of the collection while doing so! 

Many of the drinks are served with a collector piece, giving you an aesthetically-pleasing experience and picture to show friends and family!

You can also give tips to Godzilla itself with this neat tip box!

The cookies are made by the owner who has a passion for Godzilla and baking, and wanted to combine the two! Cafe Ookii is still fairly new and not as popular or well-known as other cafes in Seoul, but has a specific target audience. For anyone out there who loves Godzilla, king of monsters, then you should definitely check out this cafe! Enjoy this collection while enjoying some sweets with your friends, making for a good time out!

Written by Ashton Carson

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