Trend Alert: Flower Makeup ?

Trend Alert: Flower Makeup ?

Start your summer fresh and natural with some flower power.

by Tby Tomato

Flower makeup (꽃메이크업) is a trendy style of makeup these days in Korea! This look is also known as Taeyeon's makeup, after Girl's Generation's fashionable leader Taeyeon showcased it in her solo music video for Make Me Love You.

🦋 •홀리씨앗! 넘나리 봄이구나#MakeMeLoveYou #comingsoon

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At its core, it's still the traditional spring makeup, with dewy skin and a pastel or nude palette. Nothing too crazy, right? To creative Korean makeup gurus, however, this was a chance to amp it up and try something new! They took flower petals left over from spring, and stuck them on their faces, as a final touch to their overall look.

For an easier and more subtle way to achieve this look, just draw the petals on or use the makeup you have to mimic flower leaves and petals. 

If you are totally head over heels for this look and want to give it a try, we've got your back! Here's an easy-to-follow tutorial from Risabae, complete with English subtitles for those of you who don't know Korean.

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