The Freshest K-Pop Comebacks of April!

The Freshest K-Pop Comebacks of April!

April, the time of year where cherry blossoms and life in full bloom! Cherry blossoms aren't the only things that made their outstanding return this spring. The month of April has been jam-packed with comebacks from some of the most loved Korean artists! It can be overwhelming to keep up with all of your favorite entertainers and their comebacks in this month alone, so here's a list to help you keep track of who released new music this month.


● Chen from EXO released his EP, April, and a flower. The EP has six ballads along with the lead song, “Beautiful Goodbye.”

● IZ*ONE returned just shy of two months from their Japanese debut single with two versions of an EP called Heart*Iz. The lead track, "Violeta," is one of eight songs on the mini album.


● The duo Bolbbalgan4 released their fourth mini album. Youth Diary 1: Flower Energy consists of five ballads.


● Hwang Minhyun from NU’EST released his solo song, titled “Universe.”

● Shin Jihoon came back after a three-year hiatus with a single is called “Cherry Blossom Parade.”


Kill This Love, the highly-anticipated return of BLACKPINK, was released. The mini album has five songs, including the chart-dominating title track "Kill This Love" and a remixed version of “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.”

● B.A.P’s Daehyun released the five-song album, Chapter 27.

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● The trio CAMILA came back with a 19+ music video for their new single “Take Me Home."


● Indie synth-pop singer Oohyo dropped her sophomore album, Far From the Madding City. There are twelve songs total with "Tennis" as the lead single.


● Vixx’s Ravi teamed up with GFriend’s EunHa and GroovyRoom to bring fans a new song called “Blossom” as part of a global project by Pepsi Korea.


● BTS released a new seven-track mini album, titled Map of the Soul: Persona.


XIX, the debut EP of 1the9 featuring seven different tracks was released. “Domino” and “Spotlight” have both regular and instrumental versions.


● The fifth subunit of Super Junior, Super Junior-D&E, released their third mini album, Danger. The EP consists of seven songs.


● Hashtag made their first comeback with their second mini album, #Aeji #paSsion. It has five tracks, which include an intro and an instrumental version of “Fressm.”


● Jung Seung Hwan released a second mini-album, titled Dear, My Universe.


● For their eighth anniversary, Apink continued their fan song tradition, and released a new single called “Everybody Ready?”

  • B.A.P’s Youngjae released Fancy. Photos and teasers came out ahead of the album release, leading up to its single, “Another Night”.

●  Monsta X’s I.M. released his Horizon mixtape.


Fancy You is Twice’s seventh mini album, featuring six songs, including the title track "Fancy." Promotional photos and teasers dropped ahead of its release on their Twitter account and JYP’s YouTube.

● Target came back with their second single called “M the M.”


● Making their first comeback, rookie group VERIVERY released a mini album called Veri-able. The track list features six songs, including “From Now.” There are two versions of the mini album, the official and the limited edition DIY version.

● The third installment of N.Flying’s Fly High Project, "Radiant," was released.


Yoon Ji Sung released a special album titled Dear Diary, featuring five songs. The lead single is “Your Page.”

● EXO’s Chanyeol released his single “SSFW,” which means Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.


● NU’EST has unveiled a new album titled Happily Ever After. It has been three years since the group has released anything as a whole. They have released individual teaser images.

So, there you have it! A list of all, or at least most, of April's most anticipated comebacks. Of course, spring isn't over just yet, and with summer around the corner, we K-pop fans will surely be awaiting future news on future comebacks and summer concerts to attend.

Who’s comeback are you most excited to hear? Which artist, group or duo do you wish would make a comeback this upcoming summer?
Let us know in the comments below. 

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Written by Brianna Giles

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