The Best Hangover Foods To Eat In South Korea

The Best Hangover Foods To Eat In South Korea

A trip to Korea might mean a night out, which means you'll need to be prepared with some hangover foods for the next morning!

by D-Bizzle 

Going to Korea anytime soon? Well, if you ever plan to stay for an extended period of time, whether it’s for a job or a trip, you will soon realize the dedicated drinking culture. It will seem like everyone loves to drink. After a night out, you may wake up with an upset stomach, a splitting headache, and one heck of a hangover straight out of Psy's music video. Thankfully, a long tradition of drinking culture means there's also a wide range of foods as a hangover cure. Check out the most-sought after foods.

Korean Soups/Stews

haejangguk-stew Rice with soup or stew is the backbone of almost every Korean meal. The most popular soup to combat hangovers is haejangguk, also known as (literally) the hangover stew! That says something about Koreans if they have a soup dedicated for hangovers! Haejangguk is rich and spicy, filled with pork, cabbage, and vegetables. Kongnamulguk is an excellent choice for vegetarians or those living alone that have nothing in the fridge. This soup is very easy to make, since all you mainly need is bean sprouts.  For those who can’t do spicy, you can also go brothy with gomtang. The protein-rich, savory broths with slices of beef taste wonderful when you're hungover! Beverages One of the best things about South Korea is the abundance of 24/7 convenient stores, a.k.a. rehydrating stations! The great thing about these places is the awesome selection of hot snacks too!

convenience-hot-snack   Ramyun korean-ramyun

If you go to someone’s home in Korea, they will always have this. And if you're staying at home, you should always have this. There are so many different kinds of ramyun, but they're all simple to cook and are available anywhere. Burgers & Pizza mcdonalds-korea These aren't as popular as the above options, but some Koreans do eat pizza and burgers as hangover cures. Studies show that the increase in calories and cheese, which contains methionine, helps breaks down alcohol to help the liver. Desserts Yes, there are sweet options out there to beat that hangover! If you're a fan of ice cream, you're in luck. The Gyeondyo-bar, which translates to "hang in there," is apparently the first ice cream that claims to help with hangovers. hangover-ice-cream

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