Super Junior Welcomes the Decade with 'Timeless' Comeback

Super Junior Welcomes the Decade with 'Timeless' Comeback

After hinting at the album only five days into the new decade, Super Junior is ready to give fans a nice start to their year!

Having released a full-length album just a couple months back, Time Slip, it was only fitting to start the year off with the repackaged version, Timeless. Adding a total of four new songs to the previous ten-track album, the group had fans on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what other things the group had up their sleeves. If that wasn’t enough, anticipation only grew stronger after the group posted a behind the scenes video on the production of their title track, “2YA2YAO!,” a powerful hip-hop song produced by rapper ZICO.

 “2YA2YAO!” is different from the group’s usual take on music with Super Junior powering through with a high level of confidence in every lyric and dance move performed. The song follows the group in their tale of searching for fun and knowing exactly how to go about it as the video shows the members in an array of sleek scenes with one thing staying prominent throughout: a black winged horse.

Hey go to the next chapter, swipe up
Search for only fun things
In the calm city Pied Piper
My nonsense might have gotten his attention

Continuing with the theme of hip-hop is “Ticky Tocky,” an enticing, bass-filled song accompanied by Super Junior’s stutter-like vocals and adlibs. With the message of being possessed solely from a touch, wanting to wake up seems harder than what it really should be. The trance of one-sided love is something the group is desperately trying to get out of before they end up falling deeper.

“Shadow” has a different take, taking on the form of a gloomy pop song as the group’s powerful vocals shine. Fears adopt the shapes of shadows that only come about when the sun starts to set. Dreading the night because that’s when their shadows consume them, Super Junior talks about trying to stay positive to not let their emotions get swayed. A nice reminder to fans that they also go through hardships, but must power through even the toughest of times.

To bring some light back into the album is “Rock Your Body,” performed by members Yesung, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Ryeowook. This dance-filled melody will surely have you moving to the beat before the song comes to an end. Showing how serious the group takes their career, Super Junior talks about the feeling of music overtaking them to the point where they become one with it and ultimately end up having fun.

If you’re ready to “Rock Your Body” with Super Junior, make sure to be on the lookout for the group’s project tour, Super Show 8, starting February 2020 and ending mid-March in Japan. 

If you’re looking for different ways to connect with the group, make sure to check out their YouTube channel in which they’re constantly uploading all sorts of content from “2YA2YAO!” dance collaboration to behind-the-scenes clips of some of the group's songs. Being considered a veteran group, Super Junior proves to fans how much of a passion this really is for them. 

What did you think about the Super Junior’s Timeless comeback? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Super Junior (SM Entertainment)
Written by Briseida Rivera

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