Sungmin Winds Up His First Solo Album with 'Orgel'

Sungmin Winds Up His First Solo Album with 'Orgel'

Super Junior fans, or ELFs, have been waiting patiently for Sungmin’s return ever since he released “Daydream” for the SM Station project back in March 2018. When SM Entertainment announced the release of his first mini album, the post was filled with messages of congratulations and blue heart emojis, making sure to let him know how much he has been missed during the long hiatus. In order to keep in touch with ELFs who love him so much, Sungmin started his own YouTube channel. On LIUstudio, Sungmin uploads covers, vlogs, cooking and beauty videos, taking special care in liking each and every comment that is left on a video.

Although he hasn’t participated in any Super Junior activities since 2014, fellow members still show their support for Sungmin’s mini album. Zhoumi cheers his fellow Super Junior-M member on by posting a photo on his personal Instagram, asking fans to show a lot of interest towards Orgel. Siwon shares one of Sungmin’s promotional photos, asking for ELFs to show love for Sungmin’s song “Orgel,” highlighting the title song’s warm guitar melody. While taking a vacation in Rome, Yesung posted a picture of a merry-go-round that is seemingly similar to the one showed in Sungmin’s music video teaser #1. Seeing as they were posted on the same day, some believe that the merry-go-round picture is Yesung’s subtle way of showing his support for Sungmin’s album. 

Orgel consists of 6 songs: title song “Orgel,” “Stay,” “Zzz…,” “Rest,” and “I Pray”. “Orgel” blends acoustics, gentle music box sounds, and soothing vocals to create a melody that just makes you want to lay back and close your eyes. The music video showcases the reality of losing passion for something you love doing, but just because it is lost, doesn’t mean that it won’t ever come back. 

Following the warm and light melody in “Orgel,” “Stay” features a more down to earth tone. With lines like “I miss you. I still love you,” it brings about a feeling of longing. Living up to its name, “Rest” is the kind of song that you would want to play at the end of the day in order to melt away the stress that has been building up throughout the day. 

Out of the songs on the mini-album, Sungmin contributed in composing and lyrical writing for “Zzz…” and “I Pray.” Despite what you might think from the song title, “Zzz…” picks up the tempo with an upbeat ballad while “I Pray” is a ballad that is mellow yet comforting. During his comeback VLive broadcast, Sungmin said he hopes that the combination of his voice and the guitar would be like a gentle hug.

Sungmin filmed an album unboxing video while sharing his favorite memories from each photoshoot. Watching his face full of excitement as he reacts to the album’s design and interacts with the staff makes you think “ah. I’ve missed this.'' 

Let's show a lot of love for Sungmin’s very first mini-album, Orgel! Which song is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image: Sungmin (SM Entertainment)
Written by Sarah Wong

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