Summertime Swing: K-pop Groups as Ade 🥤

Summertime Swing: K-pop Groups as Ade 🥤

The summer dream is to sit by a pool, or at a beach, with a nice book, a refreshing ade and the best music, whilst relaxing from a year's worth of hard work. However, sometimes dry spells of new music (or music to match your mood), prevents that cherry on the top to be fulfilled. Worry not! Here is a list of what K-pop groups you should listen to depending on what 'ade you have chosen. 

Shinhwa Lemonade

Shinhwa debuted back in 1998, and over two decades later, they are still releasing music. They have survived everything from military enlistment to company changes. It is safe to say Shinhwa is a group that you can always rely on to stay by your side and create great music. A lemonade - the original ade - is the same. No matter how old-fashioned it is, it has always been around to freshen you up on a hot day. So, whether you prefer their old stuff like “Kiss Me Like That,” or their newer stuff like “The Solver,” (or maybe even a mixture of both!), listening to Shinhwa with a cool glass of lemonade cannot go wrong! 

Red Velvet Cherryade

Cherryade is sweet, but strong; alluring, but intense. What K-pop group fits this description? None other than Red Velvet, an all-girl group. They’ve been around for quite a while now, and their songs have been absolute hits from the start. With songs like “Peek-A-Boo,” “Russian Roulette,” and “Red Flavor” and a glass of home-made cherryade, you will undoubtedly experience the best summer feeling.

f(x) Limeade

Despite holding a lot of the traditional flavours of lemonade, limeade is sweeter and easier to drink if you are not too keen on sour flavors, and it offers a new twist to the classic lemonade. A perfect match with this drink is the girl group f(x), whose songs are irresistible. Although they have been around for ten years, their music never gets old or repetitive. Tunes like “(Rum Pum Pum Pum),” “Electric Shock” and “Into The World” match perfectly with a fresh glass of limeade! 

Girls Generation Orangeade

Another old school group with an old school drink, both Girls Generation and orangeade are the beginning of many of our discovery of drinks and K-pop. Oranges are the sweetest of the citrus family, making it a popular drink amongst children, and Girls Generation offers music that even the least likely person will be dancing along to. This group of girls is adored in South Korea and known globally for many years, and so many people will admit to knowing a couple of their songs even if they don’t really listen to K-pop. So, blast “Oh! GG”, grab your glass of orangeade, and enjoy the sunny weather! 

NCT Powerade

Feeling worn out after some jogging by the beach or water sports? Grab a Powerade and listen to some NCT, and you will power up right away! It does not matter if you listen to NCT, or any of their subunits (NCT Dream, NCT 127, NCT U or WayV), their catchy tunes, active beats and stunning voices will give you all the energy you need. Watching the video of “Black on Black” will motivate you to move (and make you wonder how on earth Taeyong manages to be the leader of twenty-one members); or “Don’t Need Your Love” to motivate you to go out and do something you love, like the young members of NCT Dream did. Either way, Powerade and NCT must go together! 

2pm Spanish Blood Orangeade

Aesthetic, mysterious name, and heavenly...hmm is this Spanish Blood Orangeade, or the boy band 2pm we’re talking about? Both, of course! 2pm music videos give vibrant beats and storylines worthy of their own telenovelas. And best of all, one of their songs has a tango instrumental and a Spanish segment. The song will give you a sense of the passion encountered in Spanish and Latino culture, along with the need to dance. All these emotions, with a cool glass of Spanish Blood Orangeade, will give you the perfect summer vibes. 

Stray Kids Strawberryade

The new kids in town are Stray Kids, and their recent comebacks have made them the newest heartthrobs of South Korea. Their new sounds, along with their sweet personalities, make for the perfect mix with strawberryade. They are so young, it is unbelievable they have gone as far as they have, and their innocent like image has such an irresistible quality to it. Similarly, strawberryade, a popular drink for children, has a flavor that is loved by all generations. 

The Rose Royal Ruby

Even the title of putting the group name with the drink name has a certain flow and harmony to it. The Rose is a band that releases the most bittersweet, romantic songs. Songs like “She’s In The Rain” and “Baby” make even the most emotionless a little soft inside. Their sweet melodies are enough to make you want that summer romance seen in movies. With this feeling of being a helpless romantic, the Royal Ruby will complete the feeling. The taste of strawberries, mint and rose, give you a heartwarming sense of love. So, chin up, this summer might bring you that romance you have been dreaming of, and before that time arrives, enjoy The Rose with a glass of Royal Ruby. 

This concludes our list of K-pop groups as ades. All of these drinks are very easy to make, or find in shops and cafes! And the K-pop groups are some of the most popular and well-loved ones out there, so make sure to check them out if you haven’t heard of them! 

What ade seems most appealing? Which of these groups have you heard of and like? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Red Velvet (SM Entertainment)
Written by Lucille Bamber

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