Summer K-Pop Playlist: From Day to Night

Summer K-Pop Playlist: From Day to Night

Summer is the season of freedom. It’s the last bit of warmth before the impending fall and winter. 

A sunny sky, popsicles melting and maybe a trip to the beach. Is that what summer looks like to you? Or is it a lazy day filled with naps and movies? No matter how you spend it, here are some songs to help you get through those endless summer days.

  • NCT 127: Superhuman 

NCT 127 going above and beyond with this track off of their album with the same name. It’s a departure from their darker concepts with this synth-driven song. Upbeat with techno beats reminiscent of an '80s vibe, NCT 127 shows how versatile they can be. The lyrics are quite inspiring as well. NCT 127 is all about being limitless. Whether it’s learning a choreo or traveling, this song will have you reaching for the sky and beyond!

  • ITZY: Dalla Dalla

It’s different with ITZY. This song might sound a little jarring at first but it just gets catchier. These girls are undeniably themselves. Fresh off of their first EP, this song will get you hyped!  The cowbells in the background and the lyrics are quite unlike anything else. Not to mention the colorful music video and amazing outfits that might just inspire your next summer fit. ITZY is here to stay and make your summer day!

  • BLACKPINK: Don’t Know What To Do

What do you do after a break-up? The girls from BLACKPINK are pondering that in their song from their latest EP, Kill This Love. This EP’s main theme is about getting rid of toxic or bad relationships. Despite the solemn lyrics, the electronic beats do make it sound more positive and upbeat. The vocals in this track are amazing and everything fits just right. It’s perfect for dancing around and letting loose!

  • Red Velvet: Zimzalabim

Want a festival vibe? The girls from Red Velvet take you on a wild ride with their ReVe Festival mini-album. While it does have upbeat drums the ballad part in the middle of the song slows it down, which channels their more red side. It’s the best of both worlds! "Zimzalabim," or "sim sala bim" as it’s also romanized, is considered the abracadabra of some Scandinvian countries like Sweden. Chant it to cast a spell to let go of all your stress this summer!

  • 1TEAM: Vibe 

"Vibe" by 1TEAM, is a more laid-back track. Yet, it’s still lively! This is just the start for this rookie group from the Liveworks Company. This is their first single and it’s certainly going to get you feeling ready for summer. The lyrics are all about dancing without a care in the world. With great vocals and dancing, they’re definitely a group to keep an eye on!


These monster rookies came back with not one, but two, songs this summer. Fans were left to decide which one would be the title track for their One For All EP. Waves came out on top! Looks like the boys sure know how to spend their summer! This track isn’t just a great song, but if you don’t know what to do this summer, you might be able to take a page from ATEEZ and spend the day out at the beach!

  • Twice: GIRLS LIKE US

Off of their last album, Fancy You, this song’s soft melody screams summer. With the repeating piano keys and catchy lyrics, you’ll be singing "Girls Like Us" all summer long. The translation is a bit hard to understand, but it’s about how girls like them feel overwhelmed by emotions. It tells the listener to follow their dreams, no matter what they’ll find happiness. It will make you feel infinite like you can do anything. 

  • BOL4: Stars Over Me  

BOL4, the iconic duo, made this song about falling in love and looking at the stars. This indie pop song is cheery and light. The music video is also adorable, featuring the duo having adventures. It might tempt you to go to a night festival! Whether it’s for a road trip, a day at the beach, or just walking around—this song will lift up your spirits. 

  • YESUNG: Pink Magic 

With a retro vibe and cute music video, Yesung comes back to the stage. He went all out, sporting pink hair to match the song! This song is all about infatuation, your world turning pink because of a special someone. Though, there’s more to this music video than the look. The song is as catchy as the music video is aesthetic! It might get stuck in your head all summer. The '60s sound is perfect for grooving all night or all day long. 

  • Clockwork: Like Watermelon 

Soft like a lullaby with the gentle guitar in the background, this is the perfect song to end a night with. Clockwork discusses of much they grew to love watermelon because of the girl they love loves watermelon. It is short, almost sickly sweet, and adorable. You’ll be craving watermelon and sweet summer love. 

These are only some of the few summer songs and there are certainly many more comebacks to look forward to. What are your favorite go-to summer songs? 

Cover Image: ATEEZ (KQ Entertainment)
Written by Stephanie Lemus

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