Spicy Snacks? What's The Deal With Those Things?

Spicy Snacks? What's The Deal With Those Things?

There’s something about eating a snack that strays away from the sweet side and offers a more tangy and spicy side to the munchie spectrum. However, when it comes to spicy snacks, these few take it to a whole new level of flavor! ...and pain.

Whether it be a challenge or just a love of spicy food, there is no end to what kind of snacks in which you can indulge (or maybe test yourself as well).

Fire Noodles

Undoubtedly the most popular spicy snack as of today, these noodles take your mouth to a whole new pinnacle of pain! If the regular heat wasn’t spicy enough for you, there are multiple levels of intensity, including 2x Spicy, Volcanic, Nuclear, and Cheesy--for the not so daring. Many YouTubers and Instagrammers alike have taken this spicy noodle challenge, and while some easily manage the heat, others are quick to reach for the nearest glass of milk!

The Fire Noodle Challenge began in February 2014, and since then has gone internationally viral. From Korea to the other side of the world in Canada, these noodles have fascinated those looking for a real challenge.

The Spiciest Rice Cake

This video is interesting in that the people who tried the food were given a test run with a “mild” version of the rice cake. While the men thought it was no problem, the women already began to tap out! Then, the real test began.

The men said they could smell how strong it was from where they were sitting, which usually means the pain level is a lot higher once it gets to your mouth. Sure enough, the moment they began to eat rice cake their mouths literally began to melt, and their words began to slur.

Spicy Seafood Chips & Shrimp Chips

When I think of spicy food, seafood chips usually don’t come to my mind; however, these chips will add a little kick to your life! The first chips are called Bul Jjangppong and are a crunchy alternative to the soup sold by the same chef. While these are definitely not as hot as the fire noodles, I wouldn’t be carefree either. The Jjangppong chips have a hard kick to them, and some have said they are the chips from hell, but I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

The other seafood-flavored chips are the ever popular shrimp-flavored variety. These are definitely not too hot, but the garlic and chili mix can give you a tingly feeling on the tip of your tongue. These chips aren’t usually for everyone so I suggest to eat them with caution if you’re not a seafood fan.


While not a K-snack, many Koreans did take to the “One Chip Challenge.” This challenge is unique in that the package literally only comes with one chip, but the Scoville level is off the wall with a massive 1.9 million Scoville units!  The chip is made out of a Carolina reaper chili, and well, let's just say for most this chip is enough to send you to the hospital if you can’t take the heat.

I’m not too brave to try all of these snacks, but I recommend you try your own spicy challenge and tell us at what point you had to tap out and grab that tall glass of milk. Happy eating!

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