South Korea In The Winter Is A Classic & Modern Wonderland

South Korea In The Winter Is A Classic & Modern Wonderland

If you can brave the freezing temperatures, South Korea in the winter is truly quite beautiful!

by James Bbang 

 Here are 15 beautiful images of winter in South Korea, from the lights of the city to the picturesque countryside! They make you want to brave the chilly weather and visit.   The first morning of the year in Seoul, overlooking the Han River Source: reddit seoul-winter-korea   Bomun Pavilion, Gyeongju source: reddit bomun-pavilion   Daegwallyeong mountain pass, Taebaek Mountains, Gangwon Province Source: reddit daegwallyeong-mountain   Garden of the Morning Calm: Lighting ceremony in the winter Source: reddit garden-of-morning-calm   Ulsanbawi Rock, Seoraksan Mountains Source: reddit seoraksan-ulsanbawi   Untouched snow in Kangwon Source: reddit kangwon   Gyeongbokgung Palace in the snow Source: reddit gyeongbokgung-winter-reddit   Snow covering the roofs of traditional houses in Jeonju Source: reddit jeonju-korea   Chyeonggyecheon looks a bit chilly Source: Flickr seoul-winter   Haeundae Beach is still a popular attraction for couples Source: Flickr winter-korea-beach   Seolcheon Peak at Mt. Deogyu National Park Source: reddit seolcheon-peak-mt-deogyu A snowy temple in the Seoraksan region Source: reddit temple-seoraksan   A look down a snowy street Source: Flickr winter-korea-street  

Yeongnamu Pavilion by the Miryang River Source: reddit yeongnamnu   A snowy trail at Daegwallyeong Mountain Source: reddit daegwallyeong-mountain

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