Scissors for EVERYTHING Food-Related!

Scissors for EVERYTHING Food-Related!

Think about a typical American restaurant or household. When eating food, we usually eat with a fork, spoon, and knife. However, many people in different countries around the world don’t use forks, spoons, and knives for all of their meals! Korea is one of those countries: most use chopsticks, spoons, and scissors when eating.

If you’re thinking, "Scissors? Why would people cut their food with scissors at the table?" The answer is very simple: for efficiency. A lot of Korean meals are placed in the middle of the table, and people grab what they want with chopsticks and get their portions of meat. When you’re grilling meat in the middle of the table, it’s easier to cut it right at the grill with scissors instead of taking it off, putting it on a plate, and then putting the meat back on the grill to finish cooking.

Not only are scissors used for cutting meat, many Koreans also use them to cut basically all of their food, including kimchi, vegetables, noodles; oe anything else that would need to be cut into smaller sizes. When eating Western food, forks and knives are used, but generally, using scissors to cut food is way more efficient!

Since becoming interested in Korean culture, I’ve started to incorporate small things that I find interesting into my daily life, with cutting most of my food using scissors being one of them! I find it to be very helpful, as it saves time when cutting not only cooked meat, but raw meat as well! By using scissors to cut the raw meat, I can put it right into the pan instead of wasting time by washing the cutting board right away. If you haven’t tried cutting different foods using scissors, you’re missing out. This change is one of many that I will be keeping in my life, and you might, too!

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