MukBlog: WINNER's Jinwoo & Tayo Bus Cracker

MukBlog: WINNER's Jinwoo & Tayo Bus Cracker

Beep beep! Jinwoo is taking the bus to Flavor Town!

by RoyalCha

Though this bus won’t help Jinwoo get from one place to another without getting lost, it’ll at least make sure his stomach isn’t EMPTY or REALLY REALLY hungry.

Jinwoo With Tayo Bus Cracker

Source: twitter @ DontFlirtJINWOO

Taken during a fansign, these pictures show WINNER’s Jinwoo receiving a snackpack with a box of Tayo Bus Crackers riding atop it! Maybe the fan knew of Jinwoo’s hardships with directions and wanted to provide him with a handy reminder of public transportation LOL. He sure does look happy with his snackpack though!

Tayo Bus Cracker

Tayo Bus Cracker is a simple and light shortbread cookie packaged in a friendly box, made to look like Tayo the Bus, one of Korea’s most popular children’s cartoons. Each box contains 4 separate packages of Tayo Bus Crackers, all crunchy, delightful, and ready for easy snacking! Maybe Jinwoo should watch some Tayo Bus cartoons along with eating them, so he doesn’t get lost so often! Got a snack, drink, or general food you want us to identify? You can send us a pic through any of our social media; Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram!

Featured Image Source: DontFlirtJINWOO 

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