MukBlog: Monsta X & Puffed Rice Crackers

MukBlog: Monsta X & Puffed Rice Crackers

A long and snackalicious Korean tradition: puffed rice crackers!

by RoyalCha

Here's a MukBlog snack find that maybe isn't so well known; puffed rice crackers, aka "ppeong twigi" (뻥튀기). Ppeong twigi can be puffed rice, or other types of grain, and it's been a staple traditional snack since anyone can remember. Popcorn and corn flakes all count as puffed grain, and puffed rice crackers in Korea come in all types and forms!


This snack is made by putting various types of grain under high pressure with steam in some sort of metal container. The result is almost three times the original size, and these freshly popped crackers can be found on the streets of Korea via pushcart vendors or packaged and bought for a cheap price at local markets.

For his birthday last year, Monsta X's Minhyuk received a giant bag of puffed rice crackers of the macaroni ring variation while recording for a session of KBS's Kiss the Radio.

Minhyuk With Puffed Rice Crackers

환자분이 사주신 우리 간식ㅋㅋ #간식 #뻥튀기

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How would you explain the taste of popcorn? Kinda puffy. Kinda crispy. Kinda plain...but kinda addicting, right? It's the same for these puffed grains. Each different type is pretty plain but has a faint taste of what they're made out; rice, corn, barley, etc. It's generally low calorie and is an easy, cheap snack to crunch on when you want to mindlessly munch on something.

Judging by how fellow Monsta X members Kihyun and Hyungwon ran off with the giant bag, I'm sure Minhyuk shared his present with the rest of the band as well?

Kihyun With Puffed Rice Crackers Hyungwon With Puffed Rice Crackers

So, ready to try some puffed rice crackers yourself? Hopefully, you can find as much variation in puffed grains where you live as there is in Korea! Would you want to see them in a future SnackFever Box? Let us know! And of course, if you've got a snack, drink, or general food you want us to identify you can send us a pic through any of our social media; Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram

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