MukBlog: BTS & Egg Biscuit

MukBlog: BTS & Egg Biscuit

You're never too old to enjoy Egg Biscuits!Β ?

by RoyalCha

Cheep cheep! The boys of BTS may no longer be baby chicks, but that doesn't stop them from eating Egg Biscuits! BTS Suga Eating Egg Biscuit BTS Jungkook Eating Egg Biscuit

Egg Biscuits are a staple of Korean childhoods, and can be found often on the elementary school playground or traded between preschoolers during recess.

Though generally marketed as snacks for young children, teens and adults all love nibbling on Egg Biscuits. Its taste is reminiscent of Nilla Wafers, but more bite sized and crunchy, with just the slightest hint of citrus. Koreans love adding these biscuits to ice cream or pudding!

Sometimes you just want to have a taste of the good ol' days, and Egg Biscuits hit that spot perfectly!Β As a child I liked dipping them in milk until they got soggy, LOL. Even now that's how I prefer to eat them. Slightly gross, but that's how I liked it! Got something you want us to identify? Send us your pics on any of our social media! Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram, we're here to supply you with snack solutions! And don't forget to grab your own June SnackFever box before we sell out! This month's box has a K-POPPIN' theme!Β 

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