Love Hot Noodles? Check Out the TonyMoly x Samyang Hot Noodle Collaboration

Love Hot Noodles? Check Out the TonyMoly x Samyang Hot Noodle Collaboration

Do you love hot noodles and have an interest in Korean beauty? Then these four beauty pieces released by TonyMoly are perfect for you!

Samyang is a popular instant noodle brand in South Korea known for the spice in each flavor, and even became a trend on YouTube in the Fire Noodle Challenge. Samyang is loved by spice enthusiasts who like Korean food, and is highly recommended to people who haven’t tried it!

Tony Moly, which means "putting style into packaging," is a Korean cosmetic brand that opened in 2006 and shows the truth behind their name with each product they release. It's a street brand comparable to street fashion in the clothing industry. The products they offer could complete any look!

The first item in the collection is the Hot Edition Coverdak Cushion including one refill. It comes in two shades, vanilla and beige; as well as a refill in a sauce pouch, like the one you would find in actual noodles. Once your cushion is empty, you can open the "sauce pouch," and pour it onto your cushion to let it soak in. This item is also packaged in a little cup of noodles!

The next item is the Hot Edition Noodle Blusher that comes in two shades, bad red and carbo lighter, and is packaged in sauce packets to the corresponding noodles it is modeled after.

The Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint comes in the two colors: nuclear mackerel red and cheese chicken red. Packaged once again in the sauce packets of the corresponding noodles, the first color is a darker red wine shade whereas the second color looks more like coral with a hint of red.

Lastly, the Hot Edition Lip Care Stick is a moisturizing lip balm to help renew dry and cracked lips. This item contains peach and milk extracts which contribute to the moisturizing formula.

If you are curious about where you can purchase any of these products, there is an online store called Harumio that sells all these products and ships worldwide!

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Which one do you want to try?

Written by Ashton Carson

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