Learning Korean Slang through Instagram!

Learning Korean Slang through Instagram!

With the changes happening in Korea, one of them is the changes in words. Korean slang, or 신조어 consist of words that have been modified to accommodate to the latest year’s trend as well as words that are abbreviated.

  • Inssa | 인싸 - a trendy individual

Inssa is a slang for the word, insider. It refers to a person who is aware of every trend, information, etc. that’s out there and who’s “in the trend”. They are also the ones to know, and get along with many people. An inssa embodies the characteristics of an extroverted, outgoing, and friendly individual.

  • Gahp-boon-sah | 갑분싸 - sudden atmospheric change

This word is usually used when someone makes an uncomfortable or rude remarks that turns the atmosphere “cold” and awkward.

  • Seong-duhk | 성덕- a successful fan

Ever heard someone call themselves this word? This word does not only apply to K-pop idol fans but also to soccer fans, etc. For example, someone might say that they are a seong-duhk because they were able to talk to their favorite K-pop group and/or idol during fanmeet and take pictures with them. 

  • Uhl-jook-ah | 얼죽아 - Iced Americano all the way!

To be more specific, it means “even if I freeze to death, (it’s) iced americano (for me)”. This slang is used for those that are avid iced americano fans and not even the cold weather stops them from ordering their favorite drink!

  • Yeo-sah-chin, nam-sah-chin | 여사친,남사친 - girl friend, guy friend

For example, Super Junior’s Heechul and EXID’s Hani are 남사친 and 여사친 to each other.

  • Saeh-jehl-yeh, saeh-jael-gwi | 세젤예 , 세젤귀 - the most beautiful person in the world, the most adorable person in the world

Have you ever seen those images online of your ultimate bias and be amazed at how a person can be so pretty and cute? If describing a person, an object, etc as simply “pretty” and “cute” does not fulfill your satisfaction, you can use these two slangs for emphasization.

  • Bee-dahm | 비담 - those in charge of the visual

This phrase is common among the idol groups in which (even though all are visuals) there would be the visual representing the group. For example, the 비담 in ASTRO is Cha Eun Woo, Irene in Red Velvet, etc.

Which Korean slang do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Red Velvet (SM Entertainment)
Written by Jessica Lee

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