Korean Snacks to Incorporate into Your Super Bowl Spread 🏈

Korean Snacks to Incorporate into Your Super Bowl Spread 🏈

BamBam spoke it into existence months ago, so why hasn’t it—GOT7 headlining the Super Bowl halftime show—happened yet? C’mon, people!

Maybe you know because you live and breathe American football or maybe you don’t know because ball is not your life, but Super Bowl LIII is only weeks away. As one of the biggest eating days in America, game day spreads give all major holidays a run for their money with some seriously good grubbing. My strategy come Super Bowl Sunday is to monopolize the food table and stack up my plate to epic proportions as everyone else crowds around the television to watch the Patriots and Rams take the field. And, with these Korean food and snack substitutes for some of the more classic game day dishes, I’m thinking a few of you will be implementing the same strategy.

Ready? Break! It’s game day, and we’re scoring touchdown after touchdown on our taste buds thanks to these snack swaps.

Korean. Fried. Chicken.

When I think game day fare, I think wings. But wings are so last year! These days, Korean fried chicken is where it’s at. Whether you’re hosting the party on February 3 or bringing a dish to share at a gathering elsewhere, you’ll be met with cheers when you show up with Korean fried chicken in tow.

Ramyun vs. Chili

Football games are long! While kick off typically happens when it’s light outside, the party doesn’t usually wrap up until the sun is gone, a.k.a dinner time. In my house, chili is a game day staple because it’s easy to make in large quantities and it’s delicious. Since everyone is doing chili, why not bring a few dozen packets of your favorite Korean ramyun?! A Fever Guys’ fave is Samyang because it brings the heat and eating it is sort of like a game in and of itself.

Ditch Nachos for Cheese Bingsu

And I thought Americans put cheese on everything! While cheese and ice cream (or anything sweet really) seem like they wouldn’t work well together, cheese bingsu should actually be considered a global treasure. Ditch the nachos on game day and go for cheese bingsu for a concoction that mixes sweet and savory so well, you won’t know if you should eat it as an appetizer or a dessert.

Chips, Chips, and More Chips Please

Chips are universal! Fritos, Lays, and tortilla chips are the usual stars of a game day chip-and-dip combo, but I’m thinking about switching it up this year and bringing a bag...or five of my favorite Korean chips! Turtle Chips, Alligator Chips, Honey Butter Chips, the list goes on and on, and you can’t go wrong with any of the snacks on it.  

Bring A Case of…Soju!

Alcohol is alcohol is alcohol, but also soju is soju is soju. Spruce it up or drink it the traditional way, the mission of 2019 is to make soju synonymous with the Super Bowl. Down, set, hike!

I’m cheering for you to have the best Super Bowl yet this year, Fever Guys Fam!

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