Korean Dramas to Watch with Family this Winter!

Korean Dramas to Watch with Family this Winter!

It's the time of year where we relax with our families, enjoy a nice hot cup of cocoa or eggnog, and stake claim on holiday viewing!

Below is a list of winter-themed dramas you can watch with your loved ones. This season is all about feelings, the good and the bad, and these shows will definitely hit you right in the feels!

  • Will It Snow For Christmas?

A woman and man, who are meant to be, can't find a way to love each other. With so many troubles in their way, will they be able to overcome them and finally be together?

  • White Christmas

These students happen to be the only ones staying at the boarding school with their teacher during Christmas... What awaits them when they are alone together?

  • Winter Sonata

Finding your father can be hard. With his friends close by and feelings changing, what happens after you disappears from friend for ten years?

  • Snow Queen

Winter is very cold, and feelings can be, too. This isn’t the end of the season, but does it mean the beginnings of hope for a greater love?

  • Snow Flower

A mother’s lie, changing careers, and suddenly getting cast in a drama, which focuses on someone's work who leaves her speechless. What will Yoo Da Mi do?!

  • Tree of Heaven

Hana had a troubled childhood, and things are not necessarily getting better in the future. A marriage brings along another person, so what happens when life takes a turn? How will the two new siblings adjust with family members in the mix jeopardizing what her mother worked hard for?

  • Bride of The Century

What happens when an heiress who's destined to marry an heir with a history of misfortune disappears and a look-a-like is hired to take her place?

If you get the chance to check out any of these dramas, let us know your thoughts!

Written by Maegs

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