Korean Carbonara, a Match Made in Heaven!

Korean Carbonara, a Match Made in Heaven!

Instant Korean carbonara packets have been gaining popularity quickly. Carbonara is an Italian dish where spaghetti noodles are coated in a light, creamy, and cheesy sauce. Add mushrooms, bacon, or freshly chopped parsley to make this dish wholesome.

Korean and Italian foods are very different from each other. While the majority of Korean food is spicy, Italian food tends to be more creamy, rich, and hearty. If these two types of food are so different, what is it about Korean carbonara that makes it so delicious? The answer is in the mixture of spicy food and cheese. Cheese is a big deal in Korea. If you haven’t seen the pictures of the beautifully melted cheese on top of buldak chicken or rice, you’re missing out. The addition of cheese also helps to relieve the burning sensation of spicy food.

The first time I saw pictures of Carbo Buldak Bokkeum Myeon, I knew I had to try it once it became available in my area. I had never tried instant Korean noodles without soup before; so, it was a new experience for me. Not only were the noodles easy to make, but they were also DELICIOUS. Although I did not add any milk, the sauce was pleasantly creamy. The spice level of this buldak carbonara also did not disappoint. Indeed, my mouth was on fire, but it was worth it.

Instant Korean carbonara is already fancy as is, but if you are looking to impress someone, fry up some sausage, melt some cheese, and add an egg to turn this instant dish into a gourmet one.

This Korean carbonara is probably my favorite kind of instant noodles so far. Carbo Buldak Bokkeum Myeon not only tastes good, but they also look good. The mixture of the spicy and creamy sauce also gives the noodles a pink and glossy appearance, making them nearly irresistible.

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