Kimchi Buchimgae: Savior of Leftovers

Kimchi Buchimgae: Savior of Leftovers

Fridge getting a little too crowded? Get rid of your K-food leftovers with kimchi buchimgae!

by Tby Tomato

Kimchi buchimgae (김치부침개) is named quite literally what it is; a kimchi pancake. Just in case you accidentally make/buy too much kimchi, buchimgae is the best way to get the most out of your leftovers! Even though it's usually served as a banchan (side dish), this Korean pancake also makes a perfect brunch snack. Simply put, kimchi buchimgae is kimchi dipped in special batter, and fried in a pan. Simple, quick, and totally delicious!

Look at that sizzle! Nothing's more appealing than food in action.

For those chefs out there, here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to cook your own at home!

Whether you've had it before or plan on having it soon, we hope your buchimgae adventures go smoothly! A dish I'd definitely classify as a Korean comfort food, kimchi buchimgae will leave you satisfied and content!

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