K-Pop Playlist For Your Next Flight

K-Pop Playlist For Your Next Flight

No matter how long or short your flight, no matter how many amenities are available to you, we all fear being bored on our flights. Luckily, many K-pop artists have songs about traveling and exploring the world, below we’ve compiled some for the perfect soundtrack as you soar through the sky. 

  • Long Flight - Taeyong (NCT)

The last SM Station of the year is presented to us by no other than NCT’s Taeyong with his self produced and written song, “Long Flight.” The beat is downright addictive, filled with exciting triplets and an English hook that’ll be stuck in your head the duration of your flight. The lyrics themselves talk about overcoming the gravity that pulls you down to lift yourself up into the sky among the puffy clouds. “The shark in my mind is no longer there, I’m dancing the pool of the sky,” Taeyong writes. This inspirational, upbeat track complete with Taeyong’s rapping and melodic voice is the perfect way to start off your travels and get your mind wandering. 

Also, if you’re feeling in the mood for even more NCT songs for your flight, NCT’s Chinese unit WayV has you covered. Their title track “Take Off” along with their album track “Dream Launch” provides the perfect soundtrack as you soar through the sky. 

  • Airplane - f(x)

Be sure to wear your seatbelt for this track, or may find yourself jumping up to dance in the isle to this addictive and classic f(x) tune. This song opens with an airy and warm synth melody accompanied by Luna’s stunning vocals, and by the chorus it transitions to wild, upbeat pop perfection. In the lyrics, f(x) are asking their lover to fly high and walk among the clouds with them. Put this song on loop and you’ll be sure to power through the last hour of your flight. 

  • Airplane - J-Hope (BTS)

Continuing with the theme of “K-Pop-songs-with-airplane-in-the-title,” and believe us there’s enough to make this list miles longer, we have BTS J-Hope’s song “Airplane” off of his renowned solo debut album, Hope World. The lyrics, written by J-Hope himself, describe his contemplating in awe of his success and career while soaring through the sky on his worldwide destinations. “It’s still not believable to me, that this Gwangju kid could get wrapped up in flight, from my place in this high, high dream, I’m flying above the beautiful world,” J-Hope writes. The song’s chill vibe and inspirational lyrics are sure to put even the most nervous flyers at ease. 

  • Naverilla - GFriend 

A throwback to 2015, this song talks of confessing to a long time crush. “Wake from the dreams na na na naverilla, someday you and I, I hope we can, build a future together, you’re more than enough for me,” the lyrics say. Although the song doesn’t describe traveling in any sort, the fun tempo and violin synths in the instrumental makes for an uplifting and high-spirited track. The perfect inspirational background music for cruising high in the sky. 

  • Travel - BOL4 (Bolbbalgan4)

This title track off their 2018 album Red Diary Page .2 talks of cutting ties to your obligations to travel and temporarily get away from your responsibilities to relax. Couldn’t be more relatable, honestly. This instrumental with its hefty acoustic guitar melody and hints of violin synth on the bridge is sure to tug on your heart strings. 

  • Butterfly - LOOΠΔ

Loona’s 2018 title track “Butterfly” was heavily praised by fans and critics for being this year’s inspirational K-pop anthem, so what better song to listen to while embarking on a journey? Whether you’re traveling solo or with friends or family, this song is sure to inspire you to seize every moment of your trip because you can. And of course, “Butterfly” reminds us that our personal journeys are just as important as the ones that require a plane ticket. 

  • I’m Serious - DAY6

Released in 2017 as part of their EveryDay6 series, this song stands out from the project as a quintessential traveling song. Whether on a road trip or on a flight, this song has Korean lyrics that are addictive and easy to remember, making singing along a breeze. With Jae’s hard-hitting guitar chords and Dowoon’s steady beats that makes your heart soar, we’re pretty sure this song was made for singing along. Just be sure to not wake the entire cabin!

  • Try Again - Jaehyun (NCT) and d.ear

If you’re the type that would rather sleep through a long haul flight, NCT’s Jaehyun has the perfect remedy for you. His SM Station with Korean artist d.ear is soothing to the soul, the deep bass paired with Jaehyun’s steady alto tone is sure to lull even a crying child to sleep. It’s the perfect song to listen to while watching from atop the clouds as the setting sun paints the sky and clouds orange and white. 

  • I’m Home - Minho (SHINee)

For those of us who prefer a more emotional rollercoaster ride while embarking on our travels, SHINee Minho’s SM Station song I’m Home serves that purpose. The song’s lyrics talk about the longing feeling of staying home alone and wanting to be consoled, but something about the whistling in the melody tugs at the heart strings more so than the lyrics do. It’s perfect for consoling yourself if you face homesickness, or if you’re a lone traveler. 

  • Dear Dream - NCT Dream

If somehow “I’m Home” isn’t enough emotion for you, NCT Dream has you covered with their 2018 song “Dear Dream”. The song is featured as the last track on their We Go Up album and is subsequently the last song Mark sings with NCT Dream before his graduation. The song is rap heavy, the versus are mostly the group’s rap line rapping about the meaning of their friendship and endless connection to each other. “But I don’t want this to sound like, we’re about to depart, if I ever get lost, I wasn’t going to make it obvious, but Imma call back,” the lyrics say. If you need an emotional moment to think about how much you’ll miss your family or friends during your travels, this song is it. 

Consider this playlist a jumping off point for travel friendly K-pop tunes, we’re sure there’s plenty more to add. Let us know what songs you would put on your long haul flight or traveling K-pop playlist! 

Cover Image: Taeyong of NCT (SM Entertainment)
Written by Justine Shaffer

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