Fun Facts To Know About Pepero Day

Fun Facts To Know About Pepero Day

Remember, remember, the 11th of November...

What's the big deal with November 11? Pepero Day is probably the most awesome unofficial holiday ever, before unofficial "days" became a thing. Koreans will gift their friends and loved ones packages of Pepero, from your classic boxed kind to extravagant gift sets, and even amazing DIY-Pepero! You can check out a bunch of sweet examples below. At SnackFever, we're getting ready to celebrate with you! Our exclusive EXO Pepero Day Box comes with six different types of Pepero and EXO member boxes. You can order now to collect them all in time for Pepero Day!


Here are 8 fun facts about Pepero Day. Read up so that you're ready by Nov. 11!

1. Origins: "How to be tall and skinny like Pepero" The urban legend for the origins of Pepero Day go back to 1983, when two middle school girls apparently shared a box of Pepero, hoping to become tall and thin. What was the secret? Eating Pepero sticks on November 11 at 11:11 AM. This sparked a fad among other schoolgirls, quickly spreading across the country. Of course, skeptical Koreans say someone out of boredom came up with the idea, since Pepero sticks look like 1's. Other conspiracy theorists claim Lotte created the holiday as a brilliant marketing scheme -- although the company has denied doing so.  

2. Modern Pepero Day: Presenting sweets to friends and loved ones Did we mention brilliant marketing scheme? Beyond that, Pepero Day is a fun, light-hearted opportunity to show your appreciation to the special people in your life! For this year, Lotte came up with new packaging for their Pepero boxes with inspiring messages. Top left to right: "Hope you become skinnier!" "You're my type." "You've worked very hard today." Bottom left to right: "You are my hero." "Thank you, truly!" "I am always thankful to you." messages-pepero  

3. EXO became brand ambassadors for Pepero a couple of years ago, and Lotte's sales of Pepero increased 84%! 😮 Now that's star power.


4. There are over SEVEN flavors of Pepero. Have you tried them all? Here's the classic Original. pepero-original   Almond and chocolate pepero-almond   White Cookie pepero-white-choco   Nude Green Tea pepero-nude-green   The classic Nude nude-pepero   5. Need more Pepero? Get a gift set! pepero-gift1 pepero-gift2 pepero-gift3 6. DIY Pepero creations are AMAZING. Seriously, check them out below. A lot of bakeries offer classes for aspiring Pepero artists! There are cakes... pepero-diy1

...Nuts and fruit toppings... pepero-diy2 ...Pepero bears... pepero-diy3 ...and even Pepero éclairs. pepero-diy4 7.  If you're trying to eat healthy or don't want to stress buying Pepero gift sets for your significant other, you can replace the Pepero with rolled up cash. pepero-cash   8. If you don't like Pepero, you can still celebrate Garatteok Day, or "Long Rice Cake Day." The holiday celebrates farmers, and Koreans exchange garatteok, long rice cake pieces, as gifts. garatteok

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