Fish Bread, but with Ice Cream!

Fish Bread, but with Ice Cream!

Summer can either be enjoyed or dreaded with the bright sun kissing our skin, giving many the tan they’ve been waiting for and leaving others drenched in sweat. Many of us desire the same refreshing and cooling snack known as ice cream. A twist on standard ice cream treats, Korea introduces many to the aesthetically-pleasing and appetizing Samanco fish-shaped ice cream, inspired by the street food bungeoppang, sold almost anywhere in Korea.

Bungeoppang is a crispy, hot fish-shaped pastry with a red bean filling. Bungeo meaning “crucian carp” and ppang meaning “bread.” It’s been sold and made in many Korean households since the 1930s with origins from the Japanese taiyaki.

These delectable ice cream treats can be compared to an ice cream sandwich. Korea's twist on the sandwich is a carp-shaped waffle shell with vanilla ice cream filling, and traditionally includes a red bean paste.

Other flavors available:

  • Chocolate syrup with vanilla ice-cream
  • Strawberry syrup with vanilla ice-cream
  • Green tea ice-cream with red bean paste

Now that you’ve gotten an insight on Korea’s Samanco ice cream as the summer is creeping right behind us, make sure to add these to your shopping list!

Written by Andrea Villarreal

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