Fashion Trends: Look to K-Pop!

Fashion Trends: Look to K-Pop!

Want to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Look no further than your favorite K-Pop music videos!

by Fit-n-spicy Mochi

K-Pop is well known for technicolor, visually stunning, and expertly choreographed music videos. Behind every group's "comeback" is a well thought-out concept for that particular album or "era." Every unique concept is supported by stylized music videos, and most importantly, the clothing (read: FASHION TREND ALERT!). Idols' fashion in their music videos and during performances support and reflect their concept, image, and trendiness.

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These highly influential idols sport name brands left and right. They have the ability to spread fashion trends and labels like wildfire. K-Pop's fashion forwardness thrives in a country who's youth are ready to embrace the latest and greatest to not only look good, but also appear on, or ahead, of the trend. No wonder K-Pop idols are sought so often for modeling gigs!

While some of the costuming in K-Pop may seem a little too much for emulating in everyday life, make no mistake, the stylists that dress our beloved idols gather their inspiration from the latest high-fashion runway trends and cutting edge designers. After all, the South Korean music industry is highly competitive; and as groups like Big Bang and BTS pave the way towards more international recognition, rising stars NEED to look the part!

Recently, VOGUE recognized BTS' magenta-carpet look as being one of "the best" at this month's Billboard's Music Awards. Rightly so, as they all wore Saint Laurent and wore it well! While still looking like the cohesive group they are, each member stayed true to their own fashion tastes and styled themselves uniquely.

Looking for some current trends that have been highlighted in recent K-Pop music videos? Let's take a look! First on my list is the oversize, billowy sleeve, irreverent-take on the classic button-down striped dress shirt that I'll lump together here with the flowy men's pajama-top-as-street-fashion trend.

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However, BTS' official music video for "Spring Day" showcased a completely different style: the continuing trend of STRIPES and a lot of retro-sweaters (which are on the fashion radar for Fall 2017)!

Bold mixed colors combine in both an artistic (think Piet Mondrian) and retro sensibility as embodied by Block B in their music video for "Yesterday." Check out Zico's coat in particular about 2/3 through the video.

Twice also jumped on the bold color bandwagon in their video for "Signal" looking a little retro themselves in some of the dresses.

Speaking of retro, that was the theme Shinee embraced for their 5th album, "1 of 1," released last fall. Check out how totally retro the fashion in their music video "1 of 1" is!

For a truly spring/early summer feel; pastel colors, feminine flowy blouses, lacy layers, ruffles, and patterned print fabrics - florals in particular - are the rage!

Watch Apink's video "Always" for more of this fashion trend.

As the cooler weather of fall approaches you'll see heavier florals, rich fabrics and adornments, embroidery, velvets, and darker monochromatic layers. BlackPink showcased this fashion trend during their "Playing With Fire" promotions! Cx7Q6K5XEAI51UL And more recently, Monsta X embodied this style in "Beautiful."

You can lighten up this look for spring and summer by opting for lighter colors, more casual fabrics, or limiting it to one statement piece or accessory highlighting the embroidery/applique trend. Then, there's the mixed denim trend that EXID sports in their "Night Rather than Day" Music Video:

You may have noticed that many of these trends overlapped or appeared in snazzy combos in the videos! In the world of fashion, there are always numerous trends that are simultaneously popular. These are only a few of many that I've spotted in my K-Pop MV watching of late. What fashion trends have you spotted in K-Pop that you particularly enjoy? Have K-Pop videos or idols ever influenced a fashion purchase or outfit combination of yours? Let us know in the comments below!

Fit-n-spicy Mochi is a foodie fitness instructor.
She currently teaches Indoor Cycling, HIIT, Boot Camp, Strength and TRX classes and throws K-Pop into the mix whenever she can.

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