Everything Purple - Cafe Bora

Everything Purple - Cafe Bora

What’s your favourite colour? Mine is purple. And apparently purple seems to be a total craze at Cafe Bora. Very literally, “Bora” (보라) means purple in Korean, and so the name is fitting to what is sold inside. Their menu ranges from bingsu shaved ice, ice creams, cakes to sweet porridges and different types of beverages. It is also interesting to note that ‘purple foods’ were labelled as a popular food icon of 2017 by the American supermarket chain Whole Foods.

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If you’re wondering where on earth someone can get such a natural, beautiful and vibrant colour, think no further; the iconic purple is made from special purple sweet potatoes called goguma. So what exactly is it in these purple sweet potatoes that distinguishes them from any other vegetable? Well, the purple colour that makes up the goguma contains a powerful cancer-fighting and anti-ageing pigment called anthocyanin. This pigment is also found in other fruits and vegetables like blueberries, blackberries, black rice, and black beans, to name a few.

As for the aesthetic of the cafe, the desserts are decorated with a lovely chrysanthemum flower that is edible (except for the stem), although not suggested. The chrysanthemum also has a long-standing history of being extremely beneficial for health.

You may have noticed the thread of this health-oriented approach at Cafe Bora. To make it clear, all their ingredients are 100% natural and sourced locally around the country. Nothing contains any colouring nor are there any preservatives or flavouring agents.

No matter if your favourite colour isn't purple; it is highly suggested that you try out Cafe Bora at one of their 3 locations worldwide: Seoul, Los Angeles, or Toronto.

Written by Kristina Marchenko

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