Enough Bulgogi, Try Mulgogi!

Enough Bulgogi, Try Mulgogi!

Mulgogi? 물고기? You might be asking what that is. It’s Korean for fish! What do you think of when it comes to seafood snacks? Shrimp chips, fish sausage, and bungeoppang might be the typical things that you might think of. Though, there are many other snacks out there. From squid to seaweed, you can find the entire ocean in an aisle close by.

You can’t go wrong with some ramyeon! If you’re hesitant to jump straight into squid, try out Nongshim Neoguri Stir-Fry Noodles in the flavor spicy seafood! You’ll get a taste of the sea, with shrimp and crab. You could even watch the K-drama Legend of the Blue Sea while eating it. Relax and enjoy! The mermaids won’t mind.

Squid can be tough to chew, but if you’re a fan of any kind of jerky, try this out! Samyang’s Spicy Chicken-flavored Squid can be found at your local H-Mart or on their website.

WARNING!: It’s very spicy. Not mildly spicy, but make your eyes water a little kind of spicy. If the spiciness isn’t for you, try a snack that involves a different type of mollusk.

If you’re looking for something a little more exotic, get a bag of Tako octopus chips! They don’t have any actual octopi but they do have octopus flavoring. They’re even shaped like little octopi, albeit Nongshim took a little artistic liberty with it. With the cute shape and great fishy taste, what more could you want! You can also find them at your local H-Mart or online.

If octopus chips sound a little too extreme, there’s always cuttlefish chips! Their spiciness is less intense than the chips that were previously mentioned. It’s tastes like, “grilled cuttlefish and butter,” according to the official website, and they just might be your new favorite snack.

Lastly, there’s the classic roasted seaweed. You can’t get a better taste of the sea! Lightly salted, it's an easy snack to enjoy when you're on the go. Seaweed is also a great snack to have with beer. You can get seaweed in many stores but there’s also a way to make it at home. Maangchi has a great tutorial, so check it out!

Does a mulgogi sound good now, or does there need to be another list? Either way, thank you for coming in on this journey through the sea. Will you dive in and try them?

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