Eat Your Aesthetic: Purple Edition

Eat Your Aesthetic: Purple Edition

Purple combines the calmness of blue and passion of red. This color represents ambition, creativity, and peace. Foods that come in a purple shade have strong flavor packages, such as lavender, red onion, and red grapes. All of these foods look and taste pleasing. They may not be found that often in restaurants but when they are present, they give you all the feelings that this color symbolizes.

Here are just a few cafes and restaurants where you can eat this magical color:

  • Tteuran 뜰안

This teahouse is located within a community of hanoks (traditional Korean homes). Their menu features a variety of fresh teas along with mugwort rice cakes and a special red bean porridge, which are homemade. Their purple item is their berry bingsu with fresh berries on top of the shaved ice. The bingsu is only available during the warmer months, but Tteuran is worth a visit year round for their cozy atmosphere and natural treats.

  • Beansbins Coffee 빈스빈스커피

With multiple locations in Korea, this cafe is known for their specialty coffee and mega waffles. Their waffles are topped with plenty of whipped cream and fruits of many kinds such as mango, strawberries, and kiwi. Purple can be found in a few different items like smoothies, ades, and in their fruit topping. If you aren’t one for sweet foods, you can try one of their tasty coffee or espresso beverages.

  • A Twosome Place  투썸플레이스

A Twosome Place is one of the biggest coffee chains in Korea. They have all types of food and drink products that can satisfy everyone. You can try foods like cakes, chocolates, and ice cream and drink many different kinds of smoothies, coffees, and teas. It’s no wonder they have over 500 stores. They do have a few purple items on their menu as blueberries are found in the form of parfaits, macarons, and yogurt drinks.

  • Innisfree Green Cafe 이니스프리 그린 카페

This popular skincare and cosmetic chain added on to a small number of their top locations with another element that everyone loves: cafes. On the second floor, you can find all of your classic coffeehouse favorites with a few of their own dishes. Visitors love their souffle hotcakes and mousse cake. Purple can be found in their yogurt bowl and bottled Real Juice. A unique purple menu item Innisfree has is a beet jam and ricotta cheese toast. The flavors blend well together and make for a savory treat.

  • Maple Tree House 단풍나무집

On the savory side, Maple Tree House is a restaurant for Korean barbeque. They have all your favorite meat cuts and vegetables to grill along with bibimbap and plenty of banchan. Their special take on barbeque and purple food item: rice. A bowl of purple rice comes with your food and can be found in the bibimbap.

  • Cafe Gondry 카페 공드리

For our adult readers, this is a great place for you. While being a cafe with coffee and pastry options, they serve craft beer and some delicious bar food like fries and nachos. Their purple menu item comes in the form of a blueberry latte and it pairs well with both savory and sweet dishes.

  • Remicone 레미콘

This food lab specializes in custom and set options for ice cream and macarons. They don’t have many set purple options but you can incorporate it into your cotton candy and macarons. What makes their ice cream so special is the way you can choose uncommon toppings such as cotton candy and Pop Rocks.

Purple can provide both strong and subtle flavors. It isn’t as common a color as others when it comes to natural foods but it looks calming and tastes powerful, just as the meaning behind the color itself. If you do see purple around, it might be worth a try for something unique. This color can make you feel happy and sometimes a certain color in sight can boost your mood.

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Written by Chey Olexa

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