Chopped: Korean Convenience Store Edition

Chopped: Korean Convenience Store Edition

Chefs, get ready. Today's secret ingredient: everything in this Korean convenience store! Who can make the most killer combo?

by RoyalCha

If you've read our previous article about Got7's member Mark's special "Mark Meal," then you already about the creative hacks people have made using only ingredients one can find at a convenience store. Though not entirely convenient, the concept of creating dishes from various convenience store items has become more of a challenge among Korean citizens. Everyone is trying to outdo everyone else with how creative and how delicious they can get their dishes to be. The Mark Meal specifically is composed of your favorite choice of cup ramyun, some cheese, a few pieces of sausage, and tteokbokki.

This is just one of the many combinations of Korean convenience store foods there is, so let's take a look at some more creative combos that'll get you craving convenience store cooking! Another popular and common combo is spicy ramyun, a rice ball, and cheese. After heating up and cooking, you just mix them all together for a delicious dish!

In the TV series Let's Eat 2, Highlight member Yoon Doojoon shows us how to make spicy tteokbokki risotto, mouthwatering Aussie cheese fries, steaming sundae and mandu soup, and even an affogato for dessert!

In this video, F(X)'s Amber gets serious and shows us how to make an intricate three course meal. As an appetizer she made a delicate bruschetta, for the main course she made curry udon (with unnecessary salad as a decorative garnish; but hey, points for plating!), and for dessert she made "abstract" chocolate covered bananas with almonds!

Watching these videos totally got me craving to attempt my own convenience store challenge! But as someone who belongs more on Worst Cooks in SnackFever instead of Chopped, I'm pretty sure I'll just end up with a goopy, smoldering mess, rather than something edible and delicious. But hmm... maybe next time I make some instant ramyun, I'll add in cheese and crunchy Kkokkal Corn Chips

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