Alligator… What? Alligator Chips!

Alligator… What? Alligator Chips!

Have you ever been so excited to try a snack for the first time, only to realize that you’ve finished it five minutes later? This alligator chip snack, also known as 아! 그칩 (Ah! Geu Chip), is the kind of snack that you just can’t put down or save for later.

When taking out the beautifully puffed triangle, you may think, “What’s so special about this? It just looks like a regular puff snack.” Surprise! This is not your typical puff snack. When biting into the triangle puff, you will find that it is completely hollow inside. The exterior of the puff does not have an extremely crunchy, oily texture that comes from a fried chip, nor does it have an overly dry texture that comes from some baked chips. Instead, the puff kind of breaks apart in your mouth, giving this Korean snack a sense of delicacy.

Alligator chips come in two flavors: ranch tornado and cheese volcano. Unlike many other kinds of chips, these alligator chips are lightly coated with seasoning. The cheese volcano flavor is not overwhelmingly cheesy or spicy. The balance between cheese and spice makes this delicate snack extremely addicting.

Eat alligator chips by alone or with a cold and refreshing beverage. Having a hard time figuring out what pairs well with alligator chips? YG Entertainment’s Dara from 2ne1 enjoys eating these alligator chips with a cold beer.

Which flavor of these alligator chips would you try first -ranch tornado, cheese volcano, or both?

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