6 K-Pop Choreos to Warm Your Heart!

6 K-Pop Choreos to Warm Your Heart!

While Valentine’s Day clichés are full of giving sweets to others and confessing your undying love to those you admire, not everyone has the opportunity, a special someone, or the time to truly celebrate the holiday.

However, when it comes to showing affection, K-pop idols are no strangers, especially with their fans. Every now and then, a group will release a dance practice video with a little extra fan service for their viewers. With close-ups and extra-cute moves among other things, these choreos could be everything you need to help warm your heart this Valentine’s Day!


While the boys of GOT7 have made a number of dance practice videos, their “Boyfriend Ver.” videos are nothing to turn away from. Their date-worthy outfits and eye contact with the camera is enough to make anyone swoon!


The members of TWICE are no strangers to being cute, but they somehow turn the adorableness up to 11 in the “For ONCE” Version of “What is Love?” dance practice and “Cute” video for the song “Fancy.” With an overall increase in both close-ups and silliness, these videos truly show how lovable the members of TWICE are!


“A wonderfully chaotic energy” is how most would describe the energy of STRAY KIDS, and this is prevalent in the “Heart” Version of their song “MIROH” as well as the “Lovestay” Version of their “Levanter” dance practice. Viewers, be prepared! The boys of STRAY KIDS have an absolute abundance of hearts to share with anyone who watches these videos!


Although not for the fans, ATEEZ dedicated this choreo to someone very special; their youngest member, Jonho. In their “막내 사랑” (maknae sarang, referring to love for the youngest member) version of the “Pirate King” dance, ATEEZ showed their affection by all donning shirts with Jongho’s face on them!


ITZY’s members show both their love and cuteness to their fans, MIDZY, by wearing onesies and dancing to their song “ICY” in their “Thank You MIDZY” Version dance practice. While you may be used to their stage presences, there’s just something about the girls dressed up in animal pajamas and being a touch more silly that warms the heart.


The boys of BTS went all out with showing their affection to their fans by having an entire stage dedicated to showing ARMY, the BTS fandom name, their hearts and cute gestures during the “GO GO” performance at the 2017 MBC Music Festival!

How do you feel after watching the dance practices? Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image: Twice (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Kyle Voong

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