5 Understated K-Pop Groups that Will Blow Your Mind

5 Understated K-Pop Groups that Will Blow Your Mind

The world of K-pop can seem never-ending and even confusion for some. With new K-pop groups debuting every month, certain acts inevitably get overlooked by fans. That's why we made this list showing off some groups you might not have heard of before!


LIMITLESS debuted on July 9, 2019 with four Korean members (A.M, VOK, Raychan, and Heeseok). In November 2019, it was announced that two Chinese members (C.I and J-Jin) would join the group. As a six-member ensemble, they released their first mini-album Wish Wish, which included the title track, “Wish Wish.” The music video for the song has an interesting concept as it not only showcases each member’s visuals and skills, it also demonstrates how they all need each other to create something beautiful.

  • PinkFantasy

PinkFantasy is an eight-member group that debuted in 2018 with their song “Iriwa.” The song featured an unsettling concept, which seemed to revolve around their hidden member Daewang, who wears a rabbit mask and has been rumored to control the rest of the group: Aini, SeeA, Yechan, Sanga, Yubeen, Harin, and Arang. It is also said that once they get their first win, Daewang will reveal her true face to us.

In their most recent comeback, PinkFantasy showed a more laid back and playful side with their title track “Playing House.” The music video featured bright colors and fun outfits while the members dance on a basketball court. Though the new concept caught many fans off-guard, PinkFantasy showed their real duality in this comeback.

  • IN2IT

IN2IT was created through the survival program Boys24 and officially debuted in October 2017. IN2IT has very good line distribution, highlighting the individual skills of all six members: Inpyo, Isaac, Inho, Hyunuk, Jiahn, and Yeontae. Though the group generally focuses on more lighthearted and upbeat music, they have shown their diversity with tunes like their most recent song, “ULlala: Poisoning.” The music video has a more minimalistic style, focusing more on providing clear visuals.

  • Busters

Busters debuted in 2017 as a five-member girl group with their title track “Dream on”. The purpose of the group was to promote their anime Idol Rangers Power Busters, which greatly influenced their music style and general concept. All their songs are very upbeat to show off the youthful voices and amazing dance skills of all five members: Jisoo, Hyeongseo, Chaeyeon, Jieun, and Yeseo. It was these same vocals that gave Busters the Rookie of the Year award in 2017.

  • Cross Gene

Cross Gene debuted in 2012 under Amuse Entertainment and became the first Korean group to debut under a Japanese company with the first Japanese K-pop idol. They also took the entertainment industry by storm as they became the first (and so far, only) boy group to have a dance deemed unsuitable for broadcast. 

While they debuted with six members (three Korean members, one Japanese member, and two Chinese members), they are currently a four-person group (Shin, Seyoung, Yongseok, and Sangmin), all of which are from Korea. Though their last proper comeback was in 2018 with the album Zero, the members have since then released individual tracks and a single titled “C.O.R.V.U.S.”

Which K-pop groups do you believe need more recognition? Leave it in the comments below!

Cover Image: CROSS GENE (Amuse Korea)
Written by Danny Parotte

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