14 K-Pop Songs Turning 10 Years Old in 2017

14 K-Pop Songs Turning 10 Years Old in 2017

High Definition ✨ was such a luxury.

by Tby Tomato

2007 was "the year" for many K-Pop fans who are not-so-young anymore. A Lot of remarkable idol groups and singers made their debut in this year, including Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, KARA, F.T. Island and Younha. Join me on a journey back to 10 years ago! All aboard!

1. Girls' Generation - Into The New World. The official debut of one of the biggest and most popular girl groups in K-Pop history.

2. Epik High - Love Love Love. Everyone love love loved this song.

3. Super Junior T - Rokuko. Labeled "T" for Trot, this song went viral with its clever lyrics that could be sung forwards and backwards. They were the first idol group to adopt Trot; a super classic Korean genre!

4. BIGBANG - Lie.  This song was a hit to everyone into K-Pop at this time, and really helped BIGBANG's career take off.

5. Wonder Girls - Tell Me. Perhaps Girl's Generation's biggest rivals, the Wonder Girls also made their debut this year with their hit Tell Me. Sohee's "omonabecame a legend, as well as the entire dance!

6. Tiger JK - 8:45 Heaven. This song was a tribute to Tiger JK's grandmother, who passed away not too long before the song was released. 8:45 refers to the time of her passing.

7. Ivy - Sonata of Temptation. This song was famous for one of many reasons, but mainly because its music video was a direct copy of a scene from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

8. Younha - Password 486. Solo artist Younha also debuted this year, and she had a cute start up with Password 486, a song about the secret language of numbers and saying "I love you."

9. Anyband - TPL and Promise U. Anyband was actually composed of BoA, Junsu (TVXQ), Tablo (Epik High), and pianist Jin Bora. They were grouped together to advertise a new line of cell phones for Samsung, and the results were astounding. With a music video that reached 10 minutes long, the Anycall commercial was a hit for both the phone and the artists!

10. Lee Seunggi - White Lies. Much of the younger generation might only think of Lee Seunggi as an actor, but he actually started out as a singer in 2004! He won his first MAMA award (formerly known as MKMF in 2007) with White Lies!

11. F.T. Island - Lovesick. F.T. Island debuted in 2007 with their song Lovesick, and consequently won their first MAMA award for it that year as well. Rather than the usual pop bands, they were an instrumental band and were popular for their emotional rock ballads; a fresh alternative to the usual.

12. KARA - Break It. KARA also debuted this year with their song Break It.

13. SG Wannabe - Arirang. SG Wannabe wowed crowds once again with their new album in 2007, and Arirang was a hit that topped charts for weeks. Blending traditional Korean instruments with soft ballad voices and melodies was a mix for success!

2007 was definitely a great year for K-Pop, but who's to say 2017 won't be an iconic year as well? Just wait, in 10 years someone will be writing a "Greatest K-Pop Hits of 2017" article with all the cool bops we have now!

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