10 “Mark Meal” Pics That’ll Get You Racing to the Convenience Store

10 “Mark Meal” Pics That’ll Get You Racing to the Convenience Store

On your Mark, get set, eat!

by RoyalCha

TBH, the concept of combining different instant convenience store foods together into a giant delicious cesspool of goodness isn’t new. Rappoki (ramyun+tteokbokki), and other combos of tteokbokki, ramyun, sausage, and cheese are aplenty. The creator of the “Mark Meal” (마크정식), however, branded the creation as a whole new fad. To make the story short, a fan of GOT7’s Mark Tuan entered a contest for a certain tteokbokki company, the goal being to make a simple, easy recipe using their spicy rice cakes, and won! She aptly named the dish after her favorite idol, since she was inspired by the way Mark had cooked his ramyun during a livestream session, and the dish soon went viral on the internet. Mark even appeared on an episode of Running Man because of this explosion of popularity to cook the dish with HaHa.

Here we have the top 10 Mark Meal pics that’ll get you rushing to your nearest (Korean) convenience store!

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Hungry for your own Mark Meal yet? Why not give it a go! You can start with some instant ramyun in convenient cups from SnackFever! My personal choice for my Mark Meal is Kimchi Cup Ramyun. 

Featured Image Source: http://theqoo.net/kdol/270865398 

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